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Annette Bongiorno
(508) 479-4894

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy and Embodyment® Sessions, Svaroopa® Yoga Classes

Anu Gulati
(617) 965-1216

Flower Essences Practitioner

Betsy Barlow
(401) 263-1232

HeartMath Resilience Advantage Certified Trainer

Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group

A multiracial group committed to challenging the system of racism. We engage in dialogue, build community, and support the efforts of racial justice leaders and organizations.

CALD team

Courageous Art of Living & Dying Team

Cari Ryding
(508) 333-1260

Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, works with connection of body/mind

Carolyn Waters
(781) 883-5691

Performing Singing/Songwriter, Healing Voice Coach

Char Willingham

National Coordinator and (NES) International Nirvana Education and Specialist and Presenter for NirvanaFitness®

Cheryl Perreault

Educator and Creativity/Writing Consultant for Well-being of Individuals and Community

Cindy Gittleman
(978) 657-7730

Founder of Sunrise Mindfulness, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor

David Young
(508) 315-8088

Healer, Author,Grammy-nominated multi instrumentalist, sold over 1,000,000 cds.

Diana Harris
(508) 315-8088

Psychic Medium, intuitive counselor, author

Elizabeth Goranson
(617) 538-2873

Stretch What Matters, Yoga for preteens & teens

Guerda Victor
(617) 331-8923

Wholisitic Health Practitioner, Transformational Coach, JourneyDance and Yoga instructor

Heather Waldie

Functional Medicine Dietitian

Jacqui Morton
(617) 412-0053

Full Spectrum Doula, Writer, Facilitator

JaiKaur LeBlanc

Mentor for Women Embracing Their Power in Life and Love with Grit & Grace

Janet Kessenich
(617) 926-4155

Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, Reiki, Workshop Leader, Author

Jean Papagni
(508) 353-0291

Certified Yoga Instructor, Facilitator of Yoga Circles for Moms of Children with Special Needs

Jenann Self
(508) 878-8977

Belly Dance, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, Shamanistic Healing, Nature Spirit Dance

Jing Yao
(617) 202-9710

Professional Life Coach

Judit Csikos-Lamb
(508) 254-3778

Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Om Chanting

Julie Mangini
(508) 277-9100

dōTERRA Consultant

Julie Randazzo
(617) 921-1813

Psychic Tarot Consultant, Angel Intuitive, Professional Life Coach, Dream Interpretation

Karen Kraut
(617) 710-9300

Parenting Coach

Kat Suwalski
(508) 740-8749

Hula Hoop Dance, Yoga

Katherine McClean
(508) 879-6157

Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Kathleen Nagy
(508) 981-6896

Sound Energy Healing

Kimberlee Williams

Customized Diversity Training and Coaching

Kristen Beard
(781) 856-6133

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Lauren Paap
(617) 435-3586

Asian Bodywork Therapist; Founding Director, Eastern Medicinal Therapies Education Center; President, American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia

Ligia Ramirez
(210) 471 8235

Family Constellations Trainer Specialist

Lisa Breger
(508) 817-6057

Poet, Educator, Canine Massage Therapist

Lisa Campion
(508) 473-0609

Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

Lisa Paige
(774) 571-1761

Educational Consultant and Coach

Maggie Sky
(508) 380-7812

Kripalu Yoga, Relaxation Specialist, Director of Operations

Maggie Sky with Sharon Sharpe, LMT
(508) 380-7812

Marci Zieff
(508) 733-1653

Meditation, Stress Reduction Class, Reiki I, Reiki II

Marcia Giudice
(508) 358-5314

Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Bones for Life® Teacher

Martha Angelini
(508) 308-2560

Mind-Body-Energy Practitioner and Teacher

Meghan Powers
(508) 251-9176

Bliss Be With You, LLC

Melissa Fountain
(508) 525-1101

Restorative Bliss, Deeper Svaroopa Yoga

Molly McCarthy
(508) 556-4325

Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Certified Integrative Coach, and Certified Meditation Teacher

Nancy Wind
(508) 735-9002

Flow Yoga

Peter Kelly
(508) 277-0787

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Rick Frank
(617) 469-8228

Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Adaptive Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Life Coach

Sandy Corcoran
(508) 435-2681

Integrative Counselor, Shamanic Facilitator, Dream Analysis, Thoth Tarot Reader and Author

Sarah Whitten
(857) 928-8600

Yoga for Singers

Seth Monk
(508) 315-8088

Group Siddha Healings, Meditation Workshops

Shirley Riga
(413) 537-7582

Licensed Instructor for Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Spiritual Director, Caregiver Advocate


Leads Kirtan

Starr Potts
(508) 655-8331

Integrative body-oriented & transpersonal growth consultant

Stefanie Laituri
(508) 733-7801

Vinyasa and Yin-Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Laughter Yoga Instructor

Stretch What Matters Yoga Teachers
(617) 538-2873

Yoga for kids & teens and those with special needs

Susan Clark
(508) 308-1619

Reiki: I, II, Masters Certification, and Reiki Share

Susan Trotter
(508) 314-0486

Professional Life Coach

Suzakū Shin
(858) 480-1770

Female energy teacher