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Ann Ide
(508) 405-1686

New Possibilities Coaching and Inner Way Weight Loss

Anne Lafleur
(857) 891-3006

Workshop Facilitator and Relationship Coach

Annette Bongiorno
(508) 479-4894

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy and Embodyment® Sessions, Svaroopa® Yoga Classes

Branching Out (501c3)

Roots & Wings' nonprofit

CALD team

Courageous Art of Living & Dying Team

Cari Ryding
(508) 333-1260

Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer - Facilitator of The Journey from your Head to your Heart

Cheryl Perreault

Educator and Creativity/Writing Consultant for Well-being of Individuals and Community

Cindy Gittleman
(978) 657-7730

Founder of Sunrise Mindfulness, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor

David Young
(612) 715-3006

Healer, Author,Grammy-nominated multi instrumentalist, sold over 1,000,000 cds.

Deb Elbaum
(617) 213-0858

Certified Career and Life Coach

Diana Estey
(508) 736-8641

Vinyasa/Yin Yoga/Hiking Yoga retreats

Dina Bondar

Aromatherapy Educater/ Spiritual Life Coach

Dorie Cameron
(508) 667-0598

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist

Elizabeth Goranson
(617) 538-2873

Stretch What Matters, Yoga for preteens & teens

Emily Hodos
(413) 588-7896

Neuromovement Educator, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant, Founder Tendril Kinetics, Co-Founder, MINDFUL MOVES!™

Janet Kessenich
(617) 926-4155

Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, Reiki, Workshop Leader, Author

Jean Papagni
(508) 353-0291

Certified Yoga Instructor, Facilitator of Yoga Circles for Moms of Children with Special Needs

Jenann Self
(508) 878-8977

Belly Dance, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, Shamanistic Healing, Nature Spirit Dance

Kat Suwalski
(508) 740-8749

Hula Hoop Dance, Yoga

Katherine McClean
(508) 879-6157

Hatha Yoga

Lauren Paap
(617) 435-3586

Asian Bodywork Therapist; Founding Director, Eastern Medicinal Therapies Education Center; President, American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia

Lauren Turner
(508) 380-7202

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Laurie McCracken
(917) 622-0743

Emotion Code Practitioner, Joyologist, founder Joy de Viv

Lisa Breger
(508) 817-6057

Poet, Educator, Canine Massage Therapist

Lynda Thayer
(508) 875-1705

Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reading, Oracle Card Reading, Spiritual Perspective Coach

Maggie Sky
(508) 380-7812

Kripalu Yoga, Relaxation Specialist, Director of Operations

Malú Doherty
(508) 922-1065

Kripalu Yoga

Marci Zieff
(508) 733-1653

Meditation, Stress Reduction Class, Reiki I, Reiki II

Marcia Giudice
(508) 358-5314

Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Bones for Life® Teacher

Megan Bathory-Peeler
(413) 772-0078

Continuum Moving Inquiry

Meghan Margarette
(508) 904-4406

Yoga, Meditation, Empowerment Workshops, Reiki, Crystals, Mediumship, Recovery Coaching,Trauma Recovery

Meghan Margarette & Gregory McConnell
(508) 904-4406 or (678) 867-5000

Acoustic Yoga

Melissa Fountain
(508) 525-1101

Restorative Bliss, Deeper Svaroopa Yoga

Melissa Patrick
(781) 591-9130

Consulting, Coaching & Professional Development

Nancy Wind
(508) 735-9002

Flow Yoga

Nicolette Blanco

Functional Nutrition Specialist

Open Spirit with Hoops and Homework
(508) 877-8162

Fundraiser for nourishing teachers/strengthening classrooms

Paula Reardon-Webster
(617) 908-1660

Evidence-Based Qigong Certified Intructor, RYT 200, Mindfulness Studies

Peter Kelly
(508) 277-0787

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Rachel Rice
(617) 388-5079

Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Meditation and EFT

Raymari Rodriguez
(508) 988-0319

photography, workshop leader

Rick Frank
(617) 469-8228

Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Adaptive Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Life Coach

Sarah Whitten
(857) 928-8600

Yoga for Singers

Sharon Sharpe
(508) 433-0122

Myofascial therapy, Functional movement facilitation

Shirley Riga
(413) 537-7582

Trainer, Author, Speaker, Caregiver Advocate


Leads Kirtan

Sonny Rose
(978) 369-7733

Founding Director of The Healing Beyond Cancer™

Starr Potts
(508) 655-8331

Integrative body-oriented & transpersonal growth consultant

Stefanie Laituri
(508) 733-7801

Vinyasa and Yin-Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Laughter Yoga Instructor

Stretch What Matters Yoga Teachers
(617) 538-2873

Yoga for kids & teens and those with special needs

Susan Clark
(508) 308-1619

Reiki: I, II, Masters Certification, and Reiki Share

Susan Trotter
(508) 314-0486

Professional Life Coach

Zoë Lewis hosted by Roots & Wings

Zoë Lewis is a Troubadour, Vaudevillian, Storyteller, Adventurer, Singer-Songwriter