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Events only are listed below. For a full schedule of classes and events, see our schedule. Stay tuned and check back often as we add solstice events, sound healing circles, dance nights, and more.

The list below is sorted by the date. In general, these are unique, one-time events. To see ongoing classes of many kinds, see our classes list.

Full Moon Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Bath & Guided Meditation
with Penny
Saturday (special in-person event meets 5/14, pre-reg. req'd, Also offered 6/11)
9:30—11:00 am

Receive a full 8-chakra clearing and re-balancing as you immerse yourself in the sacred sound of quartz crystal bowls.

Whole Foods Plant-Based Cooking Made Simple and Easy
with Nancy
Wednesday (mini-course delivers to your mailbox every other day)
any time & any day

A precoreded mini course sent to your email over time to watch at your own pace

Reiki II
with Susan
Friday (meets 5/10, in-person)
5:30 —10:00 pm

Receive a Reiki II Attunement, your Reiki Second Degree Certificate, and a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing and transformative powers of Reiki.

Make Your Own Elixirs Workshop
with Laura
Saturday (special event meets virtually on 5/21)
9:30 am

Make 2 delicious and nutritious elixirs to alleviate menopausal bloating, cut cravings, improve digestion with Functional Nutrition Counselor, Laura Viale

Creating from Wholeness
with Damon
Thursdays (virtual on Zoom, meets every other month, next: 5/26)
7:00—8:30 pm

Learn how to uncover what keeps you from getting what you want, and how, using a simple process, you can experience greater outward success, integrate difficult parts of yourself, and grow into a more whole version of yourself.

Grounded in Love: a Soundbath fusion with gentle restorative yoga and reiki massage assists
with Kat
Sunday (next meets 6/5, in-person)
6:00—7:30 pm

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal bowls and koshi chimes

A Gathering for Meditation and a Dharma Talk
with Lisa with Lama Tsering
Thursday (virtual on Zoom, meets monthly)
7:00—8:30 pm

Meditation and Dharma talks on the Thirty Seven verses of a Bodhisattva

Wise Women Thriving Together - A Women's Circle
with Laura
Thursday (special event meets 6/30, options in-person or online)
7:00-8:30 pm

Experiencing insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, skin flare-ups, digestive issues, or mood swings? There are MANY things you can do to support your body in keeping your hormones balanced and your symptoms at bay.

Moon Mother® Level 1 Practitioner Training
with Vanessa
Saturday (special 2-day remote event, Sat & Sun, 7/16-7/17)
8:00 am—6:00 pm

The Moon Mother initiation and practitioner training activates you as a channel to share the energies of Womb Blessing® Attunement & Womb Healing.

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