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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Hatha yoga is a practice that combines physical movements and postures with breathing techniques, with a focus on a healthy physical body and a sound, calm mind. All of the yoga classes offered at Roots and Wings are based on the Hatha Yoga practice, including Svaroopa Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Synergy Yoga. Some teachers prefer to use the name of the specific style of Hatha yoga that they teach, and others prefer to use the original name of Hatha yoga as their description.

Yoga Flow Core and Floor

9:30—10:30 am
with Sarah W.

This class challenges you to slow down and better understand how your body moves. Traditional yoga postures are woven together with movements targeted at the whole body, helping to bring better strength, stability and control from the inside out.

All levels are welcome. $18 drop in, $160 for 10 class pass.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

7:30—8:45 pm
with Stefanie

(no class 12/26)

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle and relaxing practice, mostly done on the floor. Postures and stretches are supported with bolsters, blankets and blocks for support instead of using your muscles. The poses can last between 5-10 minutes and during these long holds, your muscles relax deeply. Since restorative classes are very mellow, it is making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice to help promote personal relaxation.This is done through simple supportive touches of the head, shoulders, arms and legs. Reiki gives you a peaceful and relaxing experience to just be with yourself.

Combine these two wonderful relaxation practices and participants are in for a wonderful time by the end of the day.

Price $18/class

Hatha Yoga: Let's Get Inspired

6:00—7:00 pm
with Katherine

(no class 11/22)

Quiet your mind. Feel your body open in ways it is truly able. Reconnect to who you are on a deep spiritual level.

Explore yoga in a way that takes you back to the fundamentals of life. As a teacher, I guide this unfolding in each class, listening to and trusting what is needed in each moment. Experience what it feels like to connect with a greater energy flow as you learn how to be in body, mind and a felt sense of spirit.

Stretch and strengthen your body, learn breathing techniques, feel how yoga can uplift you. Occasionally we get moved to dance, often I read poetry or spiritual quotes. In responding to the now, the classes are fresh. Some classes are slow and meditative, others are energetic and strength building. The classes unfold like life unfolds. The yoga learning restores and renews.

Each week this class unfolds differently. We come together and drop into the moment.

Yin Yoga

6:00—7:15 pm
with Stefanie

(no class 11/8)

Yin yoga was originally designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints, mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine. A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of floor postures typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, putting safe and positive "stress" on the deeper layers of connective tissue in the body. It differs from restorative yoga as we are not using any props.

Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to more dynamic and active yoga styles. Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints.

It emphasizes stillness and silence.

Yin Yoga offers a great way to begin a yoga practice.

Price $18/class

Adaptive Yoga Class

12:45—2:15 pm
with Rick

(contact instructor to enroll)

For people with disabilities and mobility restrictions such as paralysis, amputation, spinal cord injury, severe arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, head injury, and cerebral palsy. Welcomed are people who use wheelchairs, as well as those who can walk.

Workshops feature:

•Adaptations of yoga postures, modified to accommodate individual differences. Participate standing, sitting in chairs, or on the floor.

•Substantial individual attention and physical assistance from instructor and assistants

•Focus on inner awareness and breathing

•Use of fully equipped studio with all the props needed such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs.

Assistants will be attending to support movement in postures and to help with transfering to and from the floor if needed. Assistants can help support increased movement and deeper exploration of postures.

Wear comfortable clothing. Most people wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. You may be asked to remove your shoes - assistants will help you if needed. Yoga studio is wheelchair accessible, with accessible bathrooms.

Participants must be able to follow simple instructions

Possible benefits from an Adaptive Yoga practice include greater strength, balance and flexibility with an ability to move through everyday life with more freedom and ease. Added benefits are better management of stress, anxiety and depression

Cost is $25 per session. Financial assistance is available. Caregivers are welcome to accompany participants at no additional charge

Pre-registration is required at least 24 in advance, so that we can arrange optimal number of assistants. Advanced registration is suggested to ensure that there is a spot for you, as there is limited capacity.

Register with Rick:

Breast Cancer Yoga

2:30—3:45 pm
with Stefanie

This class is a gentle Restorative Yoga class where we use props to support the body while gently stretching the muscles.

Women will find balance in body and mind after surgery and treatment and learn to relax and restore from the stressors of life.

Classes can be started, with your physician's approval, at any time from diagnosis throughout recovery.

Price: $18/drop in rate or $160/10-class card

Pre-registration required. Please contact Stefanie:

Hatha Yoga for Week's End

6:30—8:00 pm
with Katherine

There's plenty of time in this 1.5 hr class...time to help us all unwind from the stresses of the week.

This is a class to help us let go of the accumulated tensions in our bodies. It's a class to help us stretch and strengthen the body, yes. But, also to open us to the spiritual dimension of ourselves. The postures not only work on our bodies...but they open up our energy pathways. And when our energy pathways begin to flow again, we feel the depth of ourselves. A return to our truth.

Sometimes we dance. In other classes listen to poetry or spiritual quotes. Practice different breathing techniques to move beyond the chattering mind...and always with the purpose to uplift.

In each class there is time for individual, self-led practice so that everybody can learn to connect with and honor their inner teacher. Finally we have an extended savassana, 15-20 minutes of nurturing relaxation with guided meditation and deepening silence.

Yoga Flow Core and Floor

8:15—9:15 am
with Sarah W.

(no class 11/24)

This class challenges you to slow down and better understand how your body moves. Traditional yoga postures are woven together with movements targeted at the whole body, helping to bring better strength, stability and control from the inside out.

All levels are welcome. $18 drop in, $160 for 10 class pass.