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Melissa Fountain, Restorative Bliss, Deeper Svaroopa Yoga, natick, ma, instructor

"I am grateful to Melissa and Roots & Wings for offering a free demonstration of Svaroopa Yoga. When I saw that this kind of yoga helps those with pain in knees, back, tail bone and neck, I thought, "Wow, that is for me! I need to go learn about that." So I went, tried it out, and felt it was going to be just what I needed.
"It is now more than 2 years later and I have continued to take weekly classes with Melissa and do private Embodyment/yoga therapy sessions with her too. I also do Ujjayi Pranyamama breathing for 20 minutes, two times a day and Svaroopa yoga once a day...both at home. It has been a life-changing experience: I used to exercise at a gym 3 days a week, now I don't. My new routine is helping me take time to notice, breathe deeply, release muscles I tighten a lot, and go inward.
"I was worried about gaining weight since I wasn't doing aerobic workouts like I did before. I found what Melissa said helpful, "trust your body to know what it needs to consume." Now I am eating less (not wanting so much), and losing weight! Added benefits I didn't expect to receive: dealing with life's stresses better, simplifying my life, and looking forward to my daily breathing and yoga practice. About the pain in those areas I mentioned: it is gone most of the time...and when it recurs, my daily practice helps it go away quickly again."
- Debra G., 46, Ashland

Restorative Bliss, Deeper Svaroopa Yoga

(508) 525-1101

Melissa has been teaching Svaroopa® Yoga and Meditation for over 17 years. Melissa is on the teaching faculty of both Master Yoga and Svaroopa Vidya ashram, both located in Downingtown, PA. She is also a Leading Svaroopa® teacher, and offers weekend yoga workshops across the country, as well as locally in Metrowest and at Kripalu in Lenox, MA. Her daily yoga practice is a lively mix of family life, teaching yoga classes, offering Yoga therapy and Embodyment sessions, continued trainings, and a deep commitment to her own meditation practice.

Intermediate Svaroopa® Yoga
Mondays (some classes in-person or remotely, contact Melissa for schedule)
9:30—11:00 am