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Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., CDC, ART™, Metaphysical-Therapeutic Couns, yoga studios, roots and wings, natick, ma

"To change your story, you must be willing to change your script."

Solution oriented short-term coaching, shamanic energy practitioner, certified dream counselor, Thoth tarot reader, and organizer for international sacred journeys

(508) 435-2681

As a short-term integrative coach my intent is to both challenge and support you in a safe space, revealing where you diminish your 'light' and deny your 'shadow.' Your job is to shed the patterns, choices, and beliefs you have used consciously, or unconsciously, that deny your value, your inner resources and/or the hard choices needed to generate what you desire.

I combine a variety of techniques which may include:

Body-talk, ART™ (Alchemical Regression Therapy), PSYCH-K, guided imagery, dream decoding, or soul retrievals. I request 8-12 sessions to help you modify, restructure, and commit to what it will take to responsibly recreate the life you deserve.

We are living in faster and faster evolving timelines, so to change your story, you must be willing to change your script. This is neither easy nor always welcome, but it is necessary. To live our individual truth is both our personal obligation and our personal responsibility.

Thoth tarot readings are offered nationally & internationally (Zoom) or as individual in-person sessions by appointment. As the author of, Shamanic Awakening, I have been blessed by teachers and mentors from many lands and cultures. To that end, yearly I arrange international journeys to sacred sites for you to tap the magic within these cultures and within yourself.

Currently my days at Roots & Wings are Wednesday and Thursday, with alternative days reserved for long-distance clients. Occasionally I can make adjustments if needed.

Please visit my website to see a full list of my offerings, pricing, sacred journeys, and Zoom workshops:

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