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"I would have to say that I am the "atypical" client among Maggie's clientele and I hope one of the more appreciative. As a result of a deep sense of stress in my business life, I knew it was time for me to seek some help to find methodologies and strategies to cope with the pressures I was experiencing if I truly wanted to exert control over how I felt. I knew I was not going to go to a class to seek out the help I required, so I needed to find a private way of exploring this new, outside of my comfort zone, realm for me. After doing some research, I reached out to Maggie to see if she could handle the assignment of helping a sarcastic Rottweiler. She said she was up for the challenge, so we embarked on this journey together.

Through her true sense of caring, listening and thoughtful suggestions, Maggie has crafted an ever-changing plan to assist me with relaxation methods and stress releasing exercises and movement through yoga. Her strategies for helping me evolve based on what I am encountering and how my body and mind are feeling and responding.

As my cardiologist noted at a recent appointment - whatever I am doing I need to continue with it - as it is having a "profound positive impact" on my blood pressure and overall health. Maggie's unique one on one approach is my therapy and methodology for handling what life has to throw at me, to help me appreciate what I have, realize just how fortunate I am and to help me be a new more relaxed form of me. I still have my moments of high stress, but now I have some strategies for successfully dealing with those moments. While I am sure that classes are great for some, this individual approach, which Maggie schedules flexibly around my schedule, is helping me to be a calmer, more controlled person." -Rob Cohen, Framingham

Director of Operations
Stress Management, Relaxation Training, and Yoga

(508) 380-7812

We each are like a drop in the ocean. It is up to each one of us to be responsible for how we live our lives and to take care of one another... in this way, we take care of the ocean.

I believe that the path to "wholeness" combines the clearing and healing personal work of body, mind, emotions and energy with cultural healing and wellness. Cultural healing and wellness comes when we each actively learn about ourselves and what our part is in the whole system in which we live. The health and wellness of each being affects all beings. The healing and strengthening of the most marginalized people creates healing and strength for all people. When we work to break down the imbalanced cultural system and work towards a healthier, more equitable and just way of living, this is cultural healing and wellness.

Our responsibility and work as humans on a "healing" journey path is to look deeply and honestly at who we are, truthfully at how we interact with others, diligently at where we came from, and persistently at our personal history and ancestral history. Our learning and understanding shapes our response to others and how we live, move and operate in this world. To heal, we need to be accountable-not solely for ourselves and what we need in our own wellness-but for our behavior in relation to all beings and how we operate in this world.

I bring this lens to all of my work: as Director of Operations at Roots & Wings and in the spaces that I hold as an instructor and practitioner. These are the roots that I've been deepening and growing. What I offer in my work is space for each individual to explore. To simply be. No judgement. No "shoulds." Just being, just as you are. Allowing ourselves time, space and breath to be with ourselves provides the strength and rootedness to move toward wholeness, cultural wellness and healing of each and every drop of the ocean.

As Director of Operations, my hope is to contribute in creating an atmosphere of connection and support for all of the teachers and practitioners that offer their services at Roots & Wings and for all of the students and clients that walk through our doors. In addition, Roots & Wings Branching Out initiative has a big place in my heart with its focus on equitability in the Healing Arts.

Please contact me with any questions about Roots & Wings, Branching Out, or my classes and private work.

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