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"I experienced Linda's distance Reiki work to be powerful. She brings an innocence and openness to her work that allows her to be fully and unconditionally present with what shows up. Each time I've had a session with her I felt that she brought the same love, awe, wonder, and gentleness that I imagine she brings to her time with little children she teaches. As an energy worker myself, I trust Linda to keep me safe and secure while she is offering Reiki to me." - Susan Morse, NH

"...I felt a balanced body and a calm mind. I have become believer in Linda's gift of energy healing." -Christine, Reading, MA

"Linda's reiki is quite powerful. She blessed all the women at my retreat this summer with this gift. For me (as the leader) it is what kept me sane! I was a bundle of nerves and with Linda's help I was able to sleep. What a gift!"

"Once during Reiki I could swear she was touching my head. It tickled! But she was not touching me. I love how the Reiki helps me tune into my body and really relax. Several women in the group commented that they never had experienced such powerful reiki. Thank you Linda for sharing this with us!" -Carol Sutton, NH

"Linda is the most positive, uplifting, kind, patient, person who has helped me manage my stress and anxiety with her reiki sessions. I would highly recommend Linda's classes for anyone looking to manage everyday life stresses and challenges!" -Carol, Hopkinton, MA

Reiki Practitioner

(617) 816-4878

Hi, my name is Linda Rosen and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner. My path of exploration with Reiki began about 11 years ago when I received a Reiki treatment just because I was curious. This treatment made me aware of the awesome effect it has on settling the mind. I loved it, and my practitioner suggested that I take my first class to learn Reiki. So I did, and over the years I began to progress, sharing Reiki with friends and family, as well as my study of the practice with certifications. When the pandemic hit, it allowed me the opportunity to dive deeper into Reiki, to experience it more, and to share it more. I intensified my practice by working with a wonderful group of energy healers and teacher by my side. With this strong Reiki foundation, I began to study and practice other healing modalities such as sound healing, shamanic study, and crystal healing. I began offering Reiki treatments in my treehouse, it was evident that I wanted to share Reiki even more. Being able to share Reiki and complementary healing modalities with others allows me to observe and celebrate the changes that occur. Some of these changes that have been expressed by participants after Reiki sessions but not limited to have been, a relief in overall tension, having the ability to receive a better night's rest, able to listen to themselves more clearly, and aches having less of an impact over their body. I believe that when we completely relax and settle our minds, our bodies have the ability to restore themselves to their natural healthy state of mind, body, and spirit. Reiki can provide that. It's a kind and gentle universal life force energy that gives the body the chance to rest and balance itself very much like how massage therapy releases tension in the muscles to ease discomfort.

The happiness and playfulness that I bring to my work I also bring to my life. I love to play with my two older boys, husband, and dog. I have a background working with children in early and primary education, I volunteer/play at homeless shelters with children, and have experience in rehab settings encouraging and teaching functional skills. Playfulness and happiness need to be shared and I would love to share it with you.

Certifications that I hold are Usui Reiki Master, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing along with a background of Physical Therapy Assistant, Elementary Education, and Early Education.

Loves that I have, family & friends and walks in the forest, traveling, eating new foods, meditating, journaling, dancing, oracle cards, actually, I can go on and on.

I look forward to meeting you at Roots & Wings and welcoming you to your own Reiki journey.

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