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I have reached out to Julie many times over the past several months. She has been a true, guiding light from the clarity of information she has provided. Yesterday, when speaking with her briefly on a quick question she started to relay details about an unrelated topic. Surprisingly, the details she shared became reality last night. When I spoke to her this morning she proceeded to describe details of what I was feeling and what I experienced last night along with the reasons for the events. This all happened without asking any questions or saying anything in advance. I'm so grateful for her supportive insight. I wholeheartedly trust Julie's intuitive gifts. Love, Light, and gratitude! -Lesley (12 December, 2017)

Thank you Julie for an excellent and detailed reading. I always feel better after talking to you. I will call again soon! (10 December, 2017)

Wonderful talking to you, Julie! Thanks for uplifting my spirits today and providing me with accurate insight! Xoxo, Lindsey (24 November, 2017)

Julie was very energetic and accurate. I would definitely call again. (19 November, 2017)

Julie is amazing! I have been getting guidance from her for almost a year, and she is always accurate with what she sees. She also has such a wonderful energy and it feels like talking to an old friend. I always have so much more clarity and am better prepared to face any situation in my life that I get her counsel on, much better after getting a reading from her. Thank you for being so awesome, Julie! (16 November, 2017)

Psychic Tarot Consultant, Angel Intuitive, Professional Life Coach, Dream Interpretation

(617) 921-1813

Julie is known for giving highly accurate psychic readings that are insightful and informative. The psychic information she relays is always truthful and of the highest white light consciousness. Whether the focus is love, relationships, career or life purpose, Julie will help guide you with uncanny accuracy, integrity and respect. During your reading, she will use her skills as a clairvoyant, medium and angel intuitive to obtain accurate answers to your most pertinent questions. Often times, spirit communicates directly with her through use of Tarot and Oracle cards. Julie also receives her psychic impressions through claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Questions are encouraged and welcome. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

What comes through is always the advice of spirit, never her own, as she is simply the clear channel between you and spirit. Whether you want to connect with loved ones who have crossed over or obtain important information regarding your future, Julie is your trusted spirit messenger. In addition, Julie is also an expert in dream interpretation. Dreams are the gateway to the soul and the meeting ground of lost loved ones. Julie can help you discover the psychic meaning and symbols behind your dreams.

Building on her foundation as a psychic, Julie developed her intuitive gifts further in the healing arts studying a variety of disciplines and modalities, such as, Usui Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Kundalini Awakening and IET (healing with the angels).

In addition, Julie is a premiere psychic advisor at & pens the blog,

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