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Damon B. Farnum (he/him/his)
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"To be human is to lose our way and to find it again. The human lineage is the lineage of falling down and getting up." -Jason Shulman

Nondual Healing and Awakening

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As a life-long seeker of healing and self-transformation, I know intimately what it's like to be confronted by an experience that doesn't align with the life you know is possible.

As a Nondual Kabbalistic and Shamanic Healer, spiritual teacher, and intuitive, I have dedicated my life to the evolutionary journey of the soul. The work I do involves healing and integrating the difficulties we all have from simply being human and manifesting more of our innate wholeness in all aspects of life.

I am committed to helping others who are on their own healing journey and are interested in reducing the suffering in their own lives, so that they can heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually and create more fulfillment and abundance for themselves.

Healing isn't a state we arrive at; it's a journey we undertake. I create an openhearted space where anyone can show up as they are and safely work with all that is needed for true healing.

Having been on this journey for more than 30 years, I can help you:

• Deepen understanding of your past and present difficulties with self-acceptance and kindness.

• Discover how these difficulties have shaped your ability to be fulfilled in your present life.

• Accept, Integrate, and heal from these past issues to allow a freer creation of the present and future.

• Manifest and create more of what you desire in the personal and professional aspects of your life by working through and integrating whatever it is that holds you back.

• Cultivate self-compassion and understanding, drawing out more of the innate wholeness that is already within you. A Holistic Approach Through Integration of Modalities


Throughout the many years I've been immersed in this work, I have integrated aspects of many spiritual paths and traditions into a dynamic healing practice. I also incorporate a deep foundation of The Pathwork®, which is a pursuit of inner discovery, grounded in deep personal psychological transformation.

The Nondual practices of A Society of Souls, including Nondual Kabbalistic Healing® and Nondual Shamanism form the backbone of my healing work. It is a unique integration of Kabbalah, Buddhism, modern-day western psychology, and Shamanism from a Nondual view. My studies began with Jason Shulman and A Society of Souls® 20 years ago.


Each healing session lasts about an hour, in which we'll explore what is most pertinent for you and your life right now. We'll create the space to safely delve into whatever is most needed. This might include any of the following:

• Major stresses in your life

• Belief systems

• Health history

• Childhood

• Relationships with yourself, others, and the Divine

• Any other issues that have an influence on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

Through our work together, we'll allow the root of your difficulties to be illuminated, where they can be worked with and eventually integrated into the whole of you. From there, they will no longer be a roadblock, but an opening road of possibility, leading you to the best version of you.

I will be using the tools of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH), Nondual Shamanism (NDS), intuition, and a dedication to following the thread of healing that is showing up in your life in the moment to help facilitate healing at the deepest level.


Another way I fulfill my spiritual passions and engage more deeply in this work is through sharing what I have learned and integrated with others. Teaching and spiritual leadership sessions and classes are available. If you're interested in learning more, please contact me:

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