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Sophia Romeri, Dance, Yoga, Youth Performance, natick, ma, instructor

"Her grin is infectious; her enthusiasm, genuine; her process, inclusive, dynamic, and fun. She is demanding, but in the very best of ways. Working with Sophia was definitely the highlight of my semester!" -Randy

Dance, Yoga, Youth Performance

I graduated from Marlboro College in 2014 with a degree in Dance and Asian Studies. As a teacher I seek to instill confidence in my students by encouraging them to discover their inherent strengths and by gently challenging their preconceived notions of themselves. I love to explore the mind-body connection and use a variety of mediums to engage my students such as meditation, dancing, acrobatics, and drawing. I believe in the power of positivity, flow, and listening, and feel a thrill each time a student finds another part of themselves. Through a collaborative environment and approach, I find that situations and relationships begin to be more effectively navigated.

My background includes 10 years as a competitive gymnast, an accomplished pole-vaulter, and a competitor in the Nike Indoor Nationals. As a physical alternative to gymnastics, I expressed myself in the circus arts performing for audiences on the trapeze, acrobatics, and tumbling. I taught circus camp for children ages 8-14 where I really enjoyed combining the discipline of being a gymnast with the fun and creativity of helping choreograph circus shows.

When I was 17 I suffered a traumatic injury to my right ankle that derailed me from competitive sports. Since, I have learned to live a more balanced life. I still have a strong connection to my body although it's no longer the center-piece of my life, it's one important aspect among many. Thus, I am interested in the ways intentional and focused movement can have a positive effect on people's lives as it bleeds to all areas of their life. A holding question I have is what is it about yoga, dance, or meditation that makes it have lasting effects that spans beyond the exercise and beyond the realms of the studio and into the chaotic world?

In high school I helped coach pole vaulting and gymnastics. While in college I taught yoga, acrobatics and choreographed fellow students into my dances. I hope to continue to inspire others towards health, well-being, and growth. I think part of overall health is awareness; we first must know where we are, to know where we want to go. Another aspect of health I think is prominent is inspiration. By having something you aspire to, directs your attention wonderfully to positive productivity. As well being surrounded by people who are able to see your potential, people who more advanced then you are, and people who are less advanced then you, all prove to be beneficial. When you are a part of a supportive environment that challenges you to take up different roles, you gain a greater skill base and a greater knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses. I believe in by receiving feedback one is then given the opportunity to improve themselves. In health a person has the energy to give.

Besides creating and teaching the Dreams performance class, I am interning at Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts where I am attaining a knowledge of how an alternative health center operates, interviewing practitioners and teachers, writing articles and reports on classes and therapies, teaching a community yoga class, and helping out in the center in any way I can. I plan to investigate pursuing a career in acupuncture or massage, as well becoming a high school English teacher.