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Rick Frank, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Adaptive Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, natick, ma, instructor

"Rick is a patient, kind, informative and well-trained occupational therapist and Kripalu Yoga instructor. He manages to be professional while injecting much needed humor to a group of novices who take themselves too seriously. Breathe. Smile. Be kind to yourself. Don't judge. These are some of the little pearls of encouragement Rick dispenses throughout a session."

"Rick had greatly impressed me by his approach to yoga for those who have physical difficulties in that instead of the student/patient having to conform to the practice of yoga, his approach is to have the practice of yoga conform to the student/patient. Over the weeks of our private sessions, he increased my flexibility in prudent, attentive and progressive stages, tailoring the postures to work around and minimize my limitations while maximizing my strengths, eventually freeing me of pain. Rick has done me a world of good and markedly reduced the parameters of my disability."

Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Adaptive Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Life Coach

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Rick Frank is a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, who has been trained in Adaptive Yoga by Matthew Sanford and staff of Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, MN. He has worked as an Occupational Therapist for 28 years, and currently works for Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Rick has taught yoga in a variety of settings, including psychiatric treatment, a prison, a research lab, an assisted living facility, and a hair salon. He is dedicated to breaking down barriers to accessing the benefits of yoga. Rick has completed certification as a life coach through the Coaches Training Institute.