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Nat Couropmitree, Love Energy Teacher, natick, ma, instructor

"I came to Nat because I was struggling in my relationship with my partner. We were unable to communicate almost at all and I was feeling desperate. In hindsight I realize I was blessed with that struggle because it introduced me to Nat and the powerful work he does. Nat has helped me to connect with life in a way that releases me as a victim and gives me the power to shape the life I want to live. I am calmer, clearer and more confident person now. And most importantly he has shown me how to fall in love with life and with myself - something I never thought I'd be able to say! Every single session with Nat I am left with a clear connection to the flow of love in my life and an acceptance of who I am. And like magic, every area of my life started to fall into place. Taking care of my relationship with myself opened up harmony in all areas of my life. Connection with my partner, trust in life and the ability to be out in the world without fear. Whatever you're dealing with, you can be thankful for it because it can serve as your wake up call. That you're enough, that you're worthy. And if you need help to see that as I did, Nat's support is invaluable." - Melanie H., Salem, MA

Love Energy Teacher

(617) 332-9659

Nat Couropmitree is an love energy teacher. He provides tangible ways and energetic tools to work with the frequency of love, supporting you to feel safe in vulnerability and to expand your capacity to receive what you desire. He is also the host of the Allow Love In Podcast where his guests share stories about the power of loving themselves.

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