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Lauren Turner, RYT


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Lauren Turner, Mommy & Baby Yoga, natick, ma, instructor

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Mommy & Baby Yoga

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As an instructor, Lauren looks to get students tuned into their bodies, encouraging them to explore their edge while honoring their limitations. She believes that when we turn our focus internally and become intimately connected to how we feel and who we are, we can experience life more deeply and fully.

Lauren has a steady, grounded presence that has been strengthen through her own personal practice of yoga. She first tried yoga in 2012, looking for low-impact workout, but over the years she realized that yoga had a tremendous impact in other aspects of life off the mat. Her practice helped her reduce stress, increase her health, create more balance in her life, and cultivate her own intuition.

In her classes she looks to guide students through graceful and deliberate movement paired with breath, building postures from the ground up for an embodied yoga experience. She takes an all-levels approach, helping beginners create a solid foundation for their practice, while allowing more experienced practitioners dive deeper into their own practice.

Lauren is a graduate of The New School of Yogic Arts training program and studied under the guidance of Andrew Tanner and Laura Ahrens. She is registered with Yoga Alliance, is fully insured and has received certification for Adult, Child & Infant C.A.R.E. CPR with American CPR Training.