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Laura Viale, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Creator of The Radiant Lifestyle Method, natick, ma, instructor

You deserve to live an active, full, FUN life without pain or discomfort from hormone imbalance.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Creator of The Radiant Lifestyle Method

Hi! I'm Laura, and I'm obsessed with all things natural wellness. When my hair started falling out, the night sweats began, I woke up wired at 2 am all the time, and my anxiety came back...

...I had hit perimenopause.

I was tired, anxious, and felt like I was failing at life. The embarrassing part was that I was a wellness industry veteran and "should've" known what to do to balance my hormones, but the supplements and meditation, and yoga just weren't helping enough.

What I learned and experienced over the next 8 years studying hormone balance as a Functional Nutrition Counselor and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach led me and hundreds of other women to feel light, happy, rested and 10 years younger.

Now I have the confidence to go after the life I've always envisioned for myself, and the inspiration to help other women suffering with symptoms of hormone imbalance like I did, find their spark again.

My career in the wellness industry began 20 years ago when I graduated from Massage School. Since then I've been a practitioner in wellness centers; owned and operated Well Within, a thriving wellness center in Newton, for 10 years; and I've coached women back to their healthiest selves using Ayurveda and Functional Nutrition.

That's why I created a free, private community with other women in the same boat - looking for natural solutions to support their body and their hormones so they can thrive instead of just survive.

I run weekly free trainings on how to Thrive in Perimenopause in my online community, using nutrition and lifestyle practices. Click here to join -> Check out Natural Solutions to Thriving in Perimenopause.

Every woman goes through perimenopause differently and needs different solutions. I created a way to get professional, personalized recommendations customized to YOU so you can get started on balancing your hormones right away. This private session with me is dedicated to helping you discover how to use food to ease your symptoms and bring your body to balance. After analyzing YOUR unique set of symptoms and health history, I'll create a personalized set of nutrition-based recommendations that will help support your hormone health as you go through perimenopause. Click here to schedule a Nutrition Audit for Hormone Balancing.

A lot of women find perimenopause challenging because their symptoms are different every week!! This is really common because we're in a phase of transition and fluctuation is part of the journey (I have lots of information on this in my community group). I hear all the time that women spend hundreds of dollars on supplements only to find they don't work or they stop working after some time. What I've found gets women through this turbulence with lasting results is working together one-on-one over a series of sessions with loads of support. That way we can dive into and address the root causes of hormone imbalance in perimenopause. Rather than chasing symptoms, we get to the root, so the body has the support it needs from the inside out to stabilize hormonal fluctuations and:

• Feel calm and centered
• Get Quality sleep
• Have Better digestion
• Enjoy All-day energy
• Maintain a healthy weight

To find out if this is the best option for you, or if you need support in a different way, schedule a free consultation here:
or email me: