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Kerry Donovan (Cruz), Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga, Nidra,  Meditation, Restorative Yoga
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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga, Nidra, Meditation, Restorative Yoga

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Kerry is committed to being a student of life and began her journey of self discovery over 20 years ago after suffering from anxiety and depression as a teenager and young adult. She spent 12 years in San Diego where she became a devout yoga practitioner and later became a yoga teacher while continuing her career as an HR Professional. She manifested her dream of being able to travel the world while volunteering in 3rd world countries and teaching yoga in 2014. During this trip around the world she continued expanding her spiritual practices and was introduced to the world of plant medicine including cacao.

After spending 3 months teaching yoga at a resort in Mexico she arrived in Guatemala in June 2015 to begin a month-long mystical/ meditation course. Her first night there she met the love of her life and her whole world changed. She spent 3 years living in Guatemala with her husband, Raul, a local hostel/hotel owner and together they provided a safe space for travelers to explore the wonderful sites in "the Heart of the Mayan World", as Guatemala is affectionately known.

She returned home to Boston to help care for her elderly parents and also to supplement their income since tourism had decreased after the devastation caused by the 2018 volcanic eruption of Fuego just 8 miles from their home/hotel. Although separated from her love who remained in Guatemala while awaiting a green card and trying to keep the hotel business afloat she felt grateful for the opportunity to be able to straddle both worlds and make money to support her loved ones in Central America. She struggled over the next few years as she adapted to her new role as caregiver and full-time recruiter at a local biotech along with the stress of being separated from her husband and the death of her mother. As with most people she struggled during the pandemic with anxiety and isolation along with a resurgence of her depression as the symptoms of menopause kicked into high gear. During this time she rediscovered cacao and immediately started feeling the benefits with improvement in her mood, sleep, and focus. She found joy among the chaos and fear and started a regular meditation routine again after several years of not practicing.

After living in different countries for 3 years, it was finally time for Raul to enter the US as a permanent resident at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, a month after he arrived in the US he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away 4 months later. During this time cacao proved to be a faithful friend and teacher especially in the early days of grief when joy is nowhere to be found. Cacao helped to cultivate gratitude and hope that although life would never be the same there was still beauty and magic all around.

Kerry is excited to offer cacao and facilitate the heart healing benefits for all who want to bring more peace, joy, and love into their life. All proceeds from these offerings will go to the Raul Cruz Valdez Educational Fund she is setting up in Guatemala to carry on her husband's legacy of kindness and generosity.