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Jenann Self, Belly Dance, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, Shamanistic Healing, Nature Spirit Dance, natick, ma, instructor

"Jenann's ability to listen, incorporate lessons from nature, break down movement and work with students at an individual level makes her an excellent coach and instructor."

Belly Dance, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, Shamanistic Healing, Nature Spirit Dance

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Jenann has been teaching Middle Eastern Dance, also referred to as Oriental or Belly Dance, for nearly 40 years. She has studied under many instructors including Mohamed Khalil, Director of the National Folk Troupe of Egypt. She specializes in the Egyptian, Gypsy and Folkloric styles. Jenann has directed several dance troupes and she has performed and taught workshops nationally. Her background includes a wide variety of other dance forms including; Jazz, Ballet, African, Modern, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Flamenco, Sevillanas, Ballroom and had the opportunity to work with a Lipizzaner stallion, Belly Dancing on horseback!

She studied the Theatrical arts at the University of Florida and holds a degree in Communication.

Jenann has completed the 'Fire Walk' coaching program which cumulated in a walk across hot coals.

She also has a background in yoga, meditation and a focus on Shamanic Practices and Healing.

Jenann incorporates her love of nature to Heal through Creativity using Movement, Meditation, Shamanic Healing Practices and Intuitive Guidance. Using movement is a powerful way to connect Body, Mind and Spirit and release the inner creative nature. Movement has the power to create shifts in consciousness, helping overcome obstacles and creating inner peace.

Belly Dance
Have fun, get fit, relax and revitalize! Class focus is Creativity and Fun.
Belly Dance movements target waist, stomach, hips, thighs and bottom. Graceful arm movements tone upper body. Learn to control and isolate muscles, improving tone and flexibility. Build grace and confidence as you practice swirling veils, swaying hips, undulating torso movements and fluid belly rolls. Open inner awareness and create as you improvise to enchanting music. Change the pace and show off striking hip and torso movements, all the time maintaining poise with graceful hands and arms.

Guided Meditation
Realize tension and go deep within. Simple poses relax muscles and connect mind to body. Breathing deepens the connection. Be at one with yourself, bringing a deep peace to mind, body and spirit. A guided meditation aligns spirit for a beautiful journey.

Nature Spirit Dance
Unite Body, Mind and Spirit. Bring the power of nature and the universe into your life through the power of ritual, movement, music and meditation. The study and imitation of animals and nature is an exciting way to get closer to our natural world. Through movement, learn to see and honor earth's miracles. As you awaken to the miracles around you, you will begin to see them in all things.