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Carolyn and Cheryl, Performing Singing/Songwriter and writer/poet, natick, ma, instructor

Performing Singing/Songwriter and writer/poet

(781) 883-5691

Come get to know musician, Carolyn Waters and writer/poet Cheryl Perreault. This is a performance program to learn more about them and their focus of interest for arts, healing and envisioning activism for a better world.

Carolyn Waters
Carolyn's approach to singing and writing is described as "socially conscious soul" and reflects her deep connection and love for all things music as well as her commitment to use music and the arts as a tool to promote healing and positive social change. As a songwriter her original music not only looks to support and encourage, but also challenges people to actively examine and change the world in which they live.

Cheryl Perreault Cheryl has a background in psychology/education, creative writing, and community art. She has been facilitating programs for the arts and community including two cable tv programs at HCAM-TV including "Wake Up and Smell the Poetry," and "Meet Your Neighbor," The Mothra True Storytelling, Bittersweet True Storytelling, "Common Ground True Storytelling," The Women's Art Forum, The Labyrinth Roundtable and Speaker Series, and a number of creative writing workshops. Perreault also serves on the Hopkinton Freedom Team and is a Partakers mentor in the College Behind Bars program. Perreault is a spoken word artist often accompanied by the guitar of Steve Rapson who recorded two CDs of their collaborations. She is also a co-editor with Cynthia Franca of two anthologies offering writings by people of community. The latest book was published in 2020 and titled Hope Through Community: Words and Images in Response to a Global Pandemic.