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Cari Ryding, Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, works with connection of body/mind, natick, ma, instructor

"Working with Cari is both relaxing and empowering. She gets to the root of what is standing in my way, brings awareness to it and helps to clear it in a loving way. Her healing sessions leave me feeling revitalized and truly able to live in the present moment."

Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, works with connection of body/mind

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My healing work began 23 years ago when I became a nurse. For most of my nursing career I have cared for people with cancer. Through developing relationships with people on their cancer journey, I began to see that healing was so much more than just taking your medicine. I developed a philosophy of healing that encompassed the mind, body and spirit. I have studied and explored many types of Western and Eastern modalities of healing. Utilizing basic spiritual principles, I guide people on a journey of self discovery. Through guided visualization and meditation, I help people to understand what has been blocking them and how to create a different experience in their life now. It is in the process of knowing and loving oneself that our healing occurs.

Although Cari believes that this works benefits everyone, she has a specific interest in serving people who have been affected by cancer, struggle with mental health issues or are members of the LGBTQ community.