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Courageous Art of Living & Dying

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As Karen Kuhl, Founder and Owner of Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts, approached age 60, certain awarenesses surfaced. She remembers thinking to herself "I am turning the page of a new decade, and I realize this is an opportunity to imagine how I want to really live my life now. How do I accept and embrace my aging? Rather than stepping into fear, I began to see this decade as a time to explore my wiser, more life experienced self and with others and to discover that we can create and enjoy our time-limited lives with vibrancy, passion, and courage. Through many internal and external conversations, Courageous Art of Living and Dying was conceived. Karen is passionate about honestly investigating within herself and coming together with others to look at the courageous art of living and dying.

Karen has a deep appreciation to be a witness, assistant and guide to individuals as they experience momentous transitions. Her background includes hospice, hospital administration, Montessori preschool education, a private practice as a massage and craniosacral therapist, and eventually healing arts center creator and owner.

Karen's vision for the development of the Courageous Art of Living and Dying (CALD) initiative is rooted in a deep understanding that Truth can indeed help to free us. She feels that the willingness to explore the reality of our mortality, and to do so with support and connection is a seriously under-addressed human yearning, and that the possibility to experience the ending of our lives gracefully is the most powerful way to live fully now.

Through the years, Karen has collaborated with many practitioners from Roots & Wings Yoga and Healing Arts to offer CALD programming, including Starr Potts, LICSW, Michael Corthell, MA, Lisa Breger, MFA, Stefanie Laituri,RYT, and Annette Bongiorno, RYT. Other collaborators include Claire Willis, LICSW, Cari Ryding, RN, Malu Doherty, RYT, Sonny Rose, MA and Peg Lorenz and Kaat Vander Straeten who has shared their extensive knowledge about at-home funerals and green burials.

For the 2019 and into the 2020 season, Karen's growing list of collaborators include Arza Goldstein, RN, End of Life Doula, Maggie Sky, M.A., Jerry Soucy, Good Shepherd Hospice, Cathy Hope, ACC, Life Support Coach, and Cheryl Perreault, Ed.D.

The mission of CALD is to initiate programs and expand access to wellness services that enhance the quality of our living through individual sessions, classes, workshops, and community events. CALD seeks to cultivate curiosity, conversations, and connections about our mortality by raising awareness, providing support, resources, community outreach, and education about end-of-life issues.