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Becca Lincoln Maniar, Kundalini Activation Process Facilitator, Level 2 KAP NonDual Certified , natick, ma, instructor

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

Kundalini Activation Process Facilitator, Level 2 KAP NonDual Certified

Becca Lincoln Maniar is an energy conduit and healer. A long time spiritual seeker, transformational coach and student of self development work, she first experienced Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) at a session in New York in 2019. At that time there were only a few facilitators worldwide. The energy was so beautiful and its effects so profound that within a few weeks she was in Australia studying under KAP founder Venant Wong.

Since first becoming a KAP facilitator in 2019, Becca's capacity to hold and transmit this human-divine energy to others has increased and she continues to be awed by its effects on participants in both her live and virtual sessions. In Spring 2022 she was honored to be part of the first Level Two KAP facilitator training, learning from Venant to achieve and directly transmit non-dual states of consciousness.

KAP is an energetic experience and it is also a spiritual practice. Sharing this unique experience with others, supporting them in accessing higher states of consciousness and wellness through this natural energy transmission, or shaktipat, is Becca's calling. She often leads sessions alongside her husband Tap, who is also a facilitator.

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