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Ann Ide, Master level NLP practitioner, certified NLP Life Coach, EFT practitioner


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Ann Ide, New Possibilities Coaching, From Inner Chaos to Inner Peace, Conscious Community, natick, ma, instructor

"I'm new to guided meditation, but figured, why not? Ann walked us through three meditations that seemed to go by very quickly. I was surprised how easy it was, and how relaxed I was at the end of the first one. Since putting these simple techniques into practice, I feel like I can screen out external noise much more effectively, and I've been able to reach amazing levels of peace and even joy and wonder while meditating already. Thank you, Ann!"
- Chuck M.

"I have never meditated before. It has always been hard for me to get difficult thoughts out of my head. Tonight I really relaxed and seemed to go into another world. It was great. Thanks!"
- Susy C.

"Great meditations! I had a marvelous experience with each of them and a lot to take with me: powerful imagery, good feelings, and new techniques for connecting myself with the Universe. Loved the "love ripple"!"

"Ann's class was so relaxing that I felt as if I spent the night at a spa. I could feel my stress just melt away."

"I am leaving refreshed, optimistic, empowered, full of love and excited about bringing more spirit into everything I do. I'm sure that practicing the techniques I learned tonight will help me very much. Thank you!!!"

New Possibilities Coaching, From Inner Chaos to Inner Peace, Conscious Community

(508) 405-1686

Ann has been practicing Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) since the mid-80s, when she received her Masters level certification and a Masters degree in NLP and Hypnotherapy. NLP provides a framework and set of tools for understanding how we function and how we can most easily change.

Ann trained and mentored under a number of the developers and masters of NLP, and became a trainer for the NLP practitioner level course for the Massachusetts Institute of NLP. She is also certified as an NLP life coach.

Ann also taught at Boston College for 10 years, counseling students at-risk. At that time, she was also training college faculty and staff nationally in a proven methodology for improving learning effectiveness.

Another important area of expertise of Ann's comes from her training in ontological design. This discipline also looks at how we use language and its influences on how effective we are in designing our lives. She also uses meditation and EFT (emotional freedom technique) with her clients.

Ann cares about people feeling more satisfaction and joy in their personal and professional lives. She wants you to feel happy to get up in the morning, and satisfied with your day when you go to bed at night. She believes anything less than this is unnecessary. She loves the adventure of discovering with you what is creating your current situation, and the difference that will make the difference towards achieving what you want. With her expert questioning, inner exploration processes and personal change interventions, clients become able to more easily create the happiness they desire.

Ann works with her private clients and groups in a very warm, authentic, accessible, flexible, and personal way. In addition to all the valuable content, learning and changes you gain, her programs are also full of humor, love and personal attention. Her intention is to assist you in being able to access all the perfection and resources you have within you, and to give you the skills and beliefs that will open you up to all the new possibilities you desire.

For more information about Ann's work and services, visit her website (link below). To read more testimonials, click on the "more" tab on her website.