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a group of us who aren't "still" through hard times


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a group of us who aren't

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

express and explore (sometimes furiously)


We're a group of Roots & Wings teachers and practitioners who dance, drum, move and be still in order to celebrate, process, grieve and do our healing work. We trust in the perfect unfolding, through movement, stillness, silence, sound, and meditation in motion--in which energy moves, clears, expands and grows. We've witnessed the power of the group as a whole and each individual in his or her own process.

Come join us for our monthly "Hard Times Require Furious Dancing" which is a name based on Alice Walker's book of the same title.

The group of us that collectively created this event are teachers, practitioners and students at Roots & Wings and Common Street Spiritual Center:
Cari Ryding, spiritual guide and energy healer
Carolyn Waters, Socially Conscious Soul Singer-Songwriter
Cheryl Perreault, writing/creativity consultant
Fatima Zahra Mahhou, JourneyDance instructor and soon to be Reiki practitioner
Guerda Victor, yoga teacher and JourneyDance instructor
Kat Suwalski, yoga teacher and hula hoop instructor
Maggie Sky, yoga teacher and workshop leader
Michael Corthell, shamanic-based counselor
Starr Potts, body-oriented psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner and workshop leader

and our wonderful drummers from The Natick Drum Circle and the Womyn's Drumming Circle.