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We Remember Them: Making Time to Honor the Memories and Stories of Our Departed Ones

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We Remember Them: Making Time to Honor the Memories and Stories of Our Departed Ones
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Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Cheryl Perreault & James Salvia

Wednesdays (next: 2/25, theme: Loving Well)
7:00—8:30 pm


Go deep in the act of remembering, write down memories and learn from one another

Share the stories of our mentors, heroes, family and friends who have passed

Honor their memory and help us in our effort to live better lives

Remembering Sessions theme for February 25: "Loving Well"

In the Spirit of February as the month of honoring Valentine's Day...

Of your departed loved ones, who taught you how to love well in life?

Who has inspired you to live your best life as a loving human being, guided by their memory?

How might you share this wisdom with others, with the world?

For as long as we live, they too will live, Remembering sessions offer small group settings to make time to focus on memories of our departed and to learn and share their stories and contributions. This practice offers the potential to help enrich our lives, learn from one another and feel more closely connected to our own departed. This is often part of the life cycle practice of other cultures and spiritual/religious belief systems around the world and has been valued as a means of inner creative and spiritual growth and family/community well-being.

This program is not intended to impose any specific belief system related to death and dying. We agree to be open to learning from one another and our differences as well as our similarities. Please plan to bring a notepad or preferably a special journal for writing and collecting the stories of departed loved ones to share with your friends and family and/or preserve as legacy.

This monthly program is co-facilitated by Cheryl Perreault and James Salvia.

Admission FREE. Remembering sessions is sponsored by Roots & Wings' Courageous Art of Living and Dying (CALD), a branch of Roots & Wings which seeks to cultivate curiosity, conversations, and connections about our mortality by raising awareness, providing support, resources, community outreach, and education about end-of-life issues.

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