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Self Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"Through lymphatic drainage, we can help the body restore its natural balance and enhance its ability to heal." -Dr. Albert Leduc

with Courtney

Saturday (meets 9/21)
12:30—2:00 pm


In this class, you will learn about the body's lymphatic system, a system that affects how we heal, how we feel, how we move, and how we look.

The lymphatic system is a transportation system, not a circulation system. Therefore, movement is required in order for our lymphatic fluid to flow and drain properly. When our lymphatic fluid cannot move freely around for whatever reason(s) and cannot be filtered by our built in "drains," we end up with stagnant fluid, especially around our joints. Autoimmune conditions, edema (swelling), bruising, scar tissue, pain, limited range of motion, and/or a dissatisfactory appearance are all examples of what can occur if the lymphatic system is hindered in some way or just in need of a tune up.

The good news is you can easily perform manual lymphatic drainage on yourself at home. This effective and beneficial form of self-care can improve how you heal, how you feel, how you move, and how you look! We will learn a little history and the basics in regards to the lymphatic system. Then I will show you how to do self manual lymphatic drainage, and you can try it out and ask any questions that arise. All you need to bring is some paper, something to write with, and a yoga mat if you'd like to use your own during the hands-on portion of the class. I look forward to sharing, connecting, and showing you this awesome and effective self-care tool!

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