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Revealing Your Mythic Journey: A workshop for transforming challenge and loss into inner power and wisdom

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Revealing Your Mythic Journey: A workshop for transforming challenge and loss into inner power and wisdom, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Only from the heart can you touch the sky. -Rumi

with Penny

Saturday (1-time event meets 11/9)
9:00 am—5:30 pm


"You are the hero of your own story. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -Joseph Campbell

Taking an eagle-eye perspective and looking for the larger, mythic story-the hero/heroine or soul's journey that is emerging through our deepest challenges and losses is an ancient and powerful healing mechanism through which we can shift out of feeling victimized by life. Our wounding experiences becomes sacred when we consciously choose to see ourself growing through them into more resilience, empowerment, wisdom and self-compassion.

This big picture/archetypal way of seeing ourself and making meaning of our journey is not something to be "figured out" or approached with the linear, rational mind. Rather, it is a deep unfolding process of learning to access and hear the voice of the soul held in the deep wisdom of our unconscious mind and body.

Within the safety of a small facilitated group and the spaciousness of a full day, this workshop provides an opportunity to work with a current life challenge/loss and map your own mythic journey. You will dive deeply into your own inner wisdom through a variety of modalities such as meditation, guided imagery, art, music, journaling, discussion, gentle movement, poetry, and ceremony to:

• Identify your outgrown personas, patterns and beliefs, that are calling to be released.
• Discover the larger capacities, powers, and knowings within you that are emerging.
• Connect with archetypal/mythic/spiritual resources and wisdom to guide you into more authentic power and wisdom.

Tuition: $195
Register by October 31st
Class Size Limited to 12 Participants

Please contact Penny to pre-register:

(508) 667-8800

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