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Pelvic Floor & Root Chakra Workshop, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"Ground down securely into your root, to allow the rest of you to rise up and bloom." -Lisa MacDonald

with Lisa

Sunday (one-time workshop meets: 10/15)
4:00—5:30 pm


The energetic foundation of our being is at our root--the location of our pelvic floor and the energy center in the body called the "root chakra." If we aren't grounded due to stress, anxiety, or other issues, the root chakra can become depleted. Also, physical issues such as weakness or pain can lead to root chakra imbalance. Geared to women, this self-care class helps you to learn how to become familiar with your pelvic floor muscle and the energy of the root chakra. You will gain knowledge and practical tools to make positive changes in the body-heart-mind system and to regulate the physical and energetic realms of the pelvis for optimal wellbeing and functioning. The class will include a brief lecture, guided practice of yoga, breathwork, and visualization. Find balance and health as you become acquainted with your pelvic floor and the powerful connection to your root chakra!

Pre-registration required. Register a week prior and save!
• Enroll by 8/17 and the fee is $35, thereafter the fee is $45.
• Dress comfortably. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat and blanket or use feel free to use ours.

To learn more or to register, contact Lisa:

(508) 259-9362

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