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Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way From Loss to Peace - A Reading and Talk About Grief

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Opening to Grief:  Finding Your Way From Loss to Peace - A Reading and Talk About Grief, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"In Opening to Grief, we bring together ideas, research, experiences, and practices that have helped other people and that we hope will support you, too."

with Claire

Tuesday (meets 2/16)
7:00—8:15 pm


Claire Willis guides discussion following her reading excerpts from her newly published book, Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way From Loss to Peace. Her book which is an invitation to be with your grief in all its depths and to find your unique way to peace, balance, and acceptance. We are living in a pandemic not only of a lethal virus, but a pandemic of fear, divisiveness and grief. Claire will discuss some of the more subtle nuances of grief as well as several resources to help usl strengthen our capacity to carry our grief and allow it to move through and transform us. Grief, after all, is a expression of our loving.

Following Claire's talk and reading, we will have ample time for sharing resources, discussion and questions.

Excerpt from Opening to Grief: "You could think of grief as a sacred passage. You are torn from the life you knew before. You are not who you were, and you are not yet who you will become. Like everything else, you are changing. You are, in a very real way, between identities. This experience-profoundly different for each of us-is confusing, agonizing, and potentially life-transforming."


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