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Mantra Meditation: a 3 part series

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Mantra Meditation: a 3 part series , Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

with Melissa

Sundays (meets online: 10/18, 10/25 & 11/1)
2:30—4:30 pm


Meditation gives you the experience of your inner Self. And mantra (a sacred set of syllables) opens the doorway inside, making it easy and accessible. This series will cover 3 topics: The Self(what Yoga describes as the still center of your own Being), The Mind (why it is the way it is, and what to do about it!) Spiritual Integration (how to live in the changing world while remaining steady and unshakable inside). Lissa will teach you 3 very effective meditation techniques using the power of a mantra. Each week you'll practice what you learn and then share in class, getting the support you need to build a daily meditation practice.

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(508) 525-1101

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