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Learn the spiritual solution to every problem, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"I'm enjoying this new underlying sense of stillness and ease (or "harmony!"). I'm discovering a new freedom with respect to others. I feel much less dependent on what others say and do in order to feel good. YAY! I feel like I'm really becoming ME -- and that's a huge thing to celebrate." C.H.

"I really appreciate both of you and your joy and enthusiasm. I honor and acknowledge your path to teach. You are great together and inspiring to be with. I really appreciate the explanations and sharing and new ways to think of these things. I have read some of the books and couldn't quite get to the next level; and now I am ready to take that on. Thank you, thank you!" S. L.

"I feel excited about my future! I feel empowered and capable. I feel smarter and wiser. I feel confident. I love waking up in the morning and feeling that I get to start a new day all over again! How awesome is that?! In the largest sense, what has opened up for me is my potential. No longer feeling defective, no longer feeling less than everyone else, no longer afraid to express my voice and be seen, I feel as if the world has opened up for me. I see it as my blank palette upon which I am going to create the most magnificent grand finale of life that anyone has seen yet. Before the class I felt as if I had very few choices; now I feel joyfully overwhelmed by the number of choices available." C.M.

with Ann & Mark

Sunday (1-time FREE event, meets 10/6)
10:30 am—12:30 pm


Calling all who wish to move thru the day as your calm, joyful, loving Spirit-Self.

Join Ann and Mark in this free introductory evening presentation to:

• Learn about the 3 Doorways to Your Soul, the infinite, eternal, non-physical part of who you are
• Learn the three levels of consciousness on the path towards spiritual enlightenment, and explore where you are on the spectrum
• Hear about the 7 levels of experience and change, and the easiest approach to change
• Experience a deep, full of Spirit's love, transformational guided meditation
• Discover the spiritual solution to every problem, and the easiest, most direct and empowering means towards transforming an undesirable emotion to feeling good and allowing what you desire to manifest
• Learn about the upcoming 8 week Three Doorways to the Soul series (You are more than welcome to attend regardless of where you're at regarding the 8 week series. TRULY!)

This evening will be packed with valuable new information and frameworks to help you on your spiritual path, and is sure to leave you feeling inspired and really, really good! We want you to know about all of this, so it can help you as it has us.

Once you RSVP with Ann, she will be emailing you a preparation handout. Please complete it and bring it with you for an optimal experience.

Learn more about this event: HERE

Please register for this FREE event. Contact Ann at

Remember, once you make the decision and sign up, it already begins to change your future!

(508) 808-1306

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