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Karaka Certifications Course , Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"The Karaka Program had a diverse offering, full of various interactive and informative teachings that engaged me both during and after the courses. I was able to apply what I had learned and what we had discussed to my daily life and routines, building habits that I carry with me weeks after the end of the program and that I believe have enriched my life for the better." -Arev Doursounian, KarakaLead Yourself participant

with Artvine (Vina)

Wednesdays (Certification starts 9/22, virtual or on-site)


Fall Course 2021 Program Dates:

September 22, 29 October 6, 13, 20, 27 November 3, 10, 17 (Virtual and in person total 14-18 hours). Deadline to sign up: September 8, 2021

Program Highlights:

• Whole Presence Self-Awareness (Mind, Body, Spirit)(Collective Significance®)

• Mindfulness Based Lifestyle (Stay True to Character®)

• Personal Transformation Basics (Start From Spirit®)

• Leadership Development (KarakaLEAD® Yourself)

• Balance Integration (Balance In 4™)

• 4 Pillars of Karaka (LEAD, LOVE, LIFE, HEALTH)

Through interactive online webinars and some in person immersions, the Karaka® program will deliver on the following learning objectives include:

• Understand the fundamentals of transformational habits and positive psychology to come to understand and know ourselves and relate to others

• Understand how our Collective Significance theory is a culmination of their past, present and future with the potential of this moment to transform or create

• Authenticity and resilience shared material to build resilience and grit

• Navigate challenges by using tools that build resilience

• Systematically progress through processes which allow and facilitate towards the realization of life goals and objectives

• Explore ways in which we identify our character strengths and apply ways in which we bring those character traits into context and expand on our strengths.

• Understand the key components of relationship building and ways in which we can strengthen our own relationships with ourselves and others.

• Learn the tools to engage breathwork into bringing ourselves back to center

• Allow meditation to be as natural as possible yet a way to be aware of mental flexibility

• Healthy habits leading to how we function physically and mentally

• Apply the Karaka® Pillars for a model of well-being and increase appreciation of identifying ways to identify when we're off balance and bring ourselves back to center by knowing which pillar is out of center.

Price: $700.00 You will receive International Coaching Federation CCE, Continuing Coach Education Credits for this course.
Payment can be made in two installments for the course, please contact

Group rates are available, please contact:

Price includes course material and Karaka Balance In 4 Bundle: your own, Karaka Meditation Cushion, Water Bottle, Journal and Tote, it is the Life Balance Bundle.

(781) 801-5136

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