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I Thought I Was Done with That!, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"Damon is a gifted healer. His years of study, life experience, and natural wisdom guide him during healings. He's authentic, thoughtful, caring, and takes his time in deciding what healing would be transformative for you, at this time of your life. A unique individual." - D.G.

with Damon

Thursday (FREE, virtual on Zoom, meets 6/8)
7:00—8:30 pm


This workshop is perfect for anyone who has experience with inner work, yet experiences the frustration of old patterns and beliefs that get in the way of the life they feel is possible.

Through the lens of nonduality, we will journey through meditation, group discussion, guided exercises, and individual reflection, learning how to transform stuck places, create a more fulfilling future and experience the living moment as more whole and complete during the process.

• Actualize Your Vision and Desire as the powerful creative force it is

• Reclaim and integrate the life force bound in your old belief systems

• Alchemize your inner challenges & experience your next level of growth

June 8, 7-8:30 pm
Sept 14, 7-8:30 pm
Contact Damon to register.

(508) 479-8748

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