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Half Day Meditation Retreat, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"Just being in Katherine's presence relaxes me."
- M.S., Natick

with Katherine

Sunday (next: meets 3/17)
1:00—5:00 pm


Pause, Breathe, Center Return to life Refreshed
Take a break from the stresses of life in this four hour meditation retreat. We'll alternate periods of sitting and walking meditation together in silent presence. Here we'll have the opportunity for deepening such qualities as insight, compassion, openness, clarity, and perseverance. Other than brief instructions, teachings will not be offered in order to allow maximal time for quiet meditation. We'll close with a question and answer session.

Please come fragrance free, wearing comfortable clothes. Comfortable seating on chairs or the floor.

Cost: $50

Contact Katherine to enroll or learn more, please include your phone number in the email:

(508) 879-6157

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