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Finding Inner Peace in the Midst of Outer Chaos and Fears

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Finding Inner Peace in the Midst of Outer Chaos and Fears, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

"I have loved this class, and have reaped huge benefits--including calming down much more quickly than usual. Thank you so much." -Liz L.

"I really appreciated the safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere that you created for us. I felt a connection to the group from the first class. Thank you so much!" -Carol N.

"I've gotten my joy back. I find myself laughing and giggling at things. I find myself listening to music. I find myself just enjoying being; and I had lost that. I know now I'm really okay! It's that underlying feeling that everything's okay." -E.K.

I'm enjoying this new underlying sense of stillness and ease. I'm discovering a new freedom with respect to others. I feel much less dependent on what others say and do in order to feel good. YAY! I feel like I'm really becoming ME -- and that's a huge thing to celebrate." -C.H.

with Ann & Mark

Fridays (this 1-time FREE intro meets 9/27)
7:00—9:00 pm


>Do you experience more stress, overwhelm, worry, anxiety, or other undesirable emotions more than you'd like, or feel like you have no control over your moods and emotions?

Have you been experiencing emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, depression, or hopelessness in the midst of our country's current circumstances, or other life circumstances?

Do outer circumstances affect your mood more than you'd like? Do things have to go a certain way to feel good?

Do you wish you could experience more ease and joy?

You know that stress and anxiety do not feel good! They're also bad for your health, relationships, and overall ability to function at your best and to accomplish what you want and care about with greater effectiveness and ease. Feeling good really matters!

Attend this introductory session to learn what else is possible for you. Each is a worthwhile stand-alone experience, and will also give you a taste of what the upcoming 8 week program starting Oct. 19th will be like, if you want to make more lasting changes in how you feel.

For information on the full 8 week program, go here:

Although this Friday session is free, please contact Ann to register. Email is below:

(508) 808-1306

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