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End-of-life Support: Who, What, When, Where, Why sponsored by Courageous Art of Living and Dying

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End-of-life Support: Who, What, When, Where, Why sponsored by Courageous Art of Living and Dying, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

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with CALD and Its Collaborative Connections

Sunday (Special, 1-time Event meets on 2/2)
2:30—4:00 pm


Hipsters and others in the know have heard of "doulas"; but what is a "death doula"? And how is that different from an "end-of-life coach"? Those are among the questions that will be answered at this Panel offered through Roots & Wings' Courageous Art of Living and Dying.

Join us Sunday, February 2nd from 2:30-4:00 pm for End-of-life Support: Who, What, when, Where, Why. Panel Discussion.

The rise of the "death-positive" movement has seen the emergence of an assortment of providers offering services to those given a life-limiting diagnosis as well as their families and caregivers. A panel discussion will feature an end-of-life doula (Arza Goldstein), an end-of-life/grief coach (Cathy Hope), a sustainable-legacy planner and celebrant (Jasmine Tanguay) and a community death-care educator and funeral consumer advocate (Heather Massey). They will discuss their varied roles and welcome questions from listeners.

Presenters: Arza Goldstein - End of Life Doula
22 years ago, Arza was a Birth Doula, providing guidance and support to laboring mothers, their partners and families. Today, after 12 years as a community-based hospice nurse, Arza has a private practice as an End of Life Doula, providing guidance and support to individuals with advanced and serious illness and their families, through Health Care Advocacy, Crisis Consulting, Advance Care Planning, Bedside vigil support and Education.

Additionally, Arza co-founded Living Wisely, Dying Well, a grassroots community organization with the goal of transforming the way Newton residents approach and communicate their personal healthcare wishes, goals and preferences so that they may be known and honored over their lifespan and across all settings.

Arza is also a facilitator for The Conversation Project and collaborates throughout the Boston area facilitating Death Cafes and other events related to death, dying and end of life care.

Cathy Hope - End of Life, Grief, Living Losses Coach
Cathy Hope, ACC, is a certified life coach specially trained to work with individuals and families experiencing grief, end-of-life, death, or a living loss such as divorce, chronic illness, or job loss. A heart-centered professional, she listens deeply to help clients untangle the threads of overwhelm and emotion, debunk myths and outdated thinking, and move through the complex and challenging process of change to find perspective and meaning. Cathy is also a facilitator for The Conversation Project and spokesperson for end-of-life topics who works to inform public understanding on issues surrounding death, dying, grief, and caregiving. She believes that no one should have to walk their journey alone.

Cathy has 28 years experience as a student, teacher and spokesperson in the fields of human transformation spirituality, mindfulness and holistic health. She regularly audits CEU classes with Care Dimensions, Art of Dying Institute as well as attends workshops with leaders in the end of life field including Frank Ostaseski and Caitlin Doughty.

Heather Massey - Death Educator, Home Deathcare Consultant, and Funeral Consumer Advocate

Heather Massey, MSW, LMT is a Death Educator and funeral consumer advocate specializing in, and passionate about teaching and reviving the ancient art of natural deathcare, and the many benefits therein for families, communities, and the environment.

Founder of "In Loving Hands" and the "Natural Deathcare Collaborative," she provides consultation and educational services to individuals and families, community care groups, funeral service providers, as well as in-services to medical and hospice facilities and organizations. A leading educator and speaker nationwide for this revival, her work has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), Huffpost Live, and in numerous local and national publications and radio news programs. She is a director emerita of the NHFA, a former hospital social services director and VNA/hospice administrator, now a family-led deathcare advocate, educator, consultant and mentor.

Co-founder and facilitator of Massachusetts's first Death Cafe and monthly Community Death Education classes, she's also the Cape and Islands rep for the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern MA. Ms Massey will discuss the practical aspects of family-led/ community based deathcare at home, eco-friendly funeral and disposition options, and the natural ways in which loved ones of the deceased are able to honor and commemorate life and loss.

Jasmine Tanguay - Celebrant and Legacy Planner

Jasmine is founder of A Sustainable Legacy, an organization that serves those who are frustrated by standard funeral and burial options to create inspired end of life plans that align with their environmental and other deeply held values. She helps people create a vision for a highly personal celebration of their life, and plan for a sustainable legacy, which also may include financial and emotional dimensions, in addition to what happens to their physical remains. She is a Funeral Celebrant certified by the Insight Institute in 2015, and a Certified Legacy Facilitator with Life Legacies in 2018. She is also a volunteer with Seasons Hospice, a board member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts, and a member of the Natural Deathcare Collaborative.

Although this event is FREE, donations are graciously accepted to help promote continued events of this type. Please contact Cathy Hope to reserve your space: or phone: 617-487-5026.

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