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Enlightenment at the Beginning: The Truth of Wholeness

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Enlightenment at the Beginning: The Truth of Wholeness, Roots & Wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, Natick, MA

with Damon Farnum, Beth Almerini & Tim Rothschild

Saturday (virtual on Zoom, meets 8/10)
10:00 am—2:00 pm


The shape our lives take-the friends and partners we have, the jobs we work at, the illnesses we get, our feelings of joy and sorrow, and even all our fears-are all the ways, conscious and unconscious, we are trying to find Freedom.

Most of humanity lives trying to connect to a picture of God, a picture of Love, and not the real thing and thus the endless, unhappy search goes on.

The perspective of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) teaches us that awakening to our already-present contact with God or Wholeness or the Real Self is not only the endpoint of our search, but can be present at the beginning. It teaches us that the ego does not need to be "overcome" or "ignored," but healed, so that it can be a partner in our already-present state of Connectedness, that is our Wholeness itself that searches for Wholeness. This workshop is based on NKH-the revolutionary work of Jason Shulman, internationally known modern Kabbalist, Buddhist teacher and founder of A Society of Souls.

In this workshop we will explore the paradox of how we reappear in our Original Wholeness the moment we see ourselves-imperfections and all-clearly.

We will use the Healing of Immanence, a fundamental NKH healing to explore working with our imperfections and longing. Through lecture and experiential work, we will have a chance to awaken the ability that resides within each of us to experience Wholeness not only at the end of our search, but at the beginning of each moment.

Cost is on a sliding scale from $150 - donation, allowing you to pay what you can

Reach out to Damon directly to register and for Zoom link:

(508) 479-8748

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