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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

Marci Zieff, meditation expert, certified Reiki practitioner, and Tae-Kwon Do instructor works with children, teens, those with special needs and adults to reduce stress and anxiety.

Contact Marci:
508-733-1653, or

New private clients at Roots & Wings receive a 15% discount on your 1st session. Offer valid through October 2012.

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Tea Room Conversation with Marci Zieff,
meditation expert, certified Reiki practitioner, and Tae-Kwon Do instructor

As the hazy days of summer come to a close and fall begins it can be both exciting and stressful. Entering a new school year,making new friends, going into a different classroom and trying new activities can bring about an array of feelings. The busy-ness of the fall can be a shock to the system. Here are some simple yet very effective ways to alleviate stress for the whole family!

1) Take 5- five minutes or less (just one or two minutes if that isall you can spare) of breath work can really make a difference. Focusing on breath relaxes your body very quickly. Place your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your heart. Feel your belly rise and lower as you inhale and exhale. As a thought enters your mind notice it and gently bring your awareness back to your breathing.

One way of getting younger children to focus on their breathingis to have them put a stuffed animal on their tummy while they lay down. Have them breathe in and out slowly as they watch the stuffed animal go up and down.

2) Healing Light- Imagine a healing light in front of you. It can be any color you wish. Breathe in healing light, allowing it to enter your body. As you exhale release tension, fear, anxiety, orwhatever is keeping you from feeling calm.

3) Mantra Breath- Breathe and repeat a mantra. For example, try the mantra, “I am calm.” (Breathe in to “I am” and breathe out to “calm.”) Use whatever words are helpful to you.

The above techniques can be used anytime while walking, running—even waiting in line at the store. If you notice yourself becoming stressed take a few mantra breaths!

4) Slow down- While it is important to have extracurricular activities, downtime is equally important as a way of rejuvenation and relaxation. Enjoy meditation, yoga, a walk, dancing, listening to soothing music, and laughing. Be mindful of how much you and your family are trying to fit into a day and take steps to build in time to unwind.

5) Mindfulness- Be mindful of what you are doing in the moment. For example, while reading a book focus on the words on the page, feel the weight or texture of the book. Let distractions fade away and focus on what you are doing. Practice mindfulness in everything that you do, whether it be sipping a cup of hot chocolate or talking with friends. Being mindful helpsyou to stay focused and helps to diminish mind chatter. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find you are finding more enjoyment in your hot chocolate, your friends, and in everything you do.

6) Take a break- another way of creating calm in your life is to enjoy a guided meditation. Do this for as little as 5 minutes or aslong as an hour. Something every day can be life changing. Here is a meditation for you and your family. This meditation promotes a feeling of being grounded, supported and strong:

BE the Tree by Marci Zieff

Sit or lie down comfortably and begin by using some of the breathing techniques mentioned above. Choose one or several that help you to slow down and relax. Take some time to feel more relaxed.

Imagine that you are a big beautiful tree. You can be any kind you like. Imagine the branches and the leaves as they emerge and reach for the sky. The branches signify your mind and all the many things you can do and what you have learned. Now imagine your body as the trunk of the tree. Your torso, your abdomen, hips, arms and and legs. Feel the solidness and wisdom in your core as you imagine yourself as the trunk. Feel knowingness and love in your heart. Pay attention to your senses. What else do you notice? What else do you see, feel or smell? Now imagine your roots going into the ground. Continue to breathe in and out. Imagining this connection to the earth will help you to feel grounded. Feel yourself grounded, and allow yourself to stay with this image for as long as you like. When you are ready, take a breath in and out while gently opening your eyes and bringing your awareness back into the room.

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