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Tea Room Conversation, Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts

Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., AOBTA, Shamanic Counselor and Author, has a full time practice at Roots & Wings.

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Tea Room Conversation with Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed., AOBTA, Shamanic Counselor and Author

We are in a time frame where we are collectively experiencing the push and pull of everything around us moving in faster and faster time loops. Many of you may feel that parts of your life (relationships, health, jobs, finances,) are shifting underneath you like sand. We are at a choice point where we are being offered keys to uncover the potential of ourselves on levels that make us dig deeper and deeper into who we really are; to ask our Self what is our purpose; to find what truly, not superficially, brings us happiness. During this time, each of us faces fears and challenges that we may perceive “as being done to us.” In fact, they are arising to make each one of us question our individual illusions, to inspire our personal changes and inner realizations. The opportunities that stretch us are ultimately there to provide us with clarity, and to raise our consciousness to new potentials. And, counter-intuitively, each lesson is what each of us, individually, contracted for prior to being born for our soul’s evolution.

There has been no other time in Earth’s history when so many cycles come together at the same time to promote change and consciousness awakening. The year 2012 ushers in a time when four vast cosmic cycles are coming to an end all at the same time—this is unprecedented. We are coming to a close of a 140,000 year great cosmic cycle; a 5,125 year world cycle; a 2,000 year Precession of the equinox cycle and a 26,000 year cycle of alignment to Galactic Center. We are at the end of one evolutionary plan and at the beginning of a new one which will marshal in a new frequency around the 12/21/2012 time period. It will stretch us and challenge us, but its core outcome will provide positive ways to experience a fuller and richer alignment of body, mind and spirit, as our soul’s evolution releases us from those aspects of our life which no longer serve our alignment with the pervasive Oneness of the Universe. We will be capable of retrieving information that has not previously been available to us; and falsities of any nature will be brought to light, to enable us to make more worthy or discerning decisions. It will shift us into a time that demands personal accountability and global responsibility to be tapped with a sense of compassionate collaboration within Self, and with others. It is an exciting time to be upon the Earth, and one that has been predicted for ages.

Navigating between the known and unknown does not have to be done alone. We have each other to help us or encourage us, as we prepare for these changes in and around us. Ultimately these changes will affect each one of us in some capacity—emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. That is cosmic law. How do you wish to support yourself? How do you want to feel optimal health, happiness, balance, peace, or security for where you find yourself? For this you have to be open to ask for help. To ask demands trust and the reality that we might not get what we want, in the way that we wanted. For the outcome you wish for, you may have to change something deeply desired.

When the challenges come knocking at your door, know you have choices and those choices are not limited. Nothing is concretized, everything is merely energy and that energy is always in motion. It’s how we perceive the situation that gives it fuel. Consider shifting the charge by changing your perspective in ways that feel more supportive—get physically active, nutritionally balanced, ask for help, forgive the old hurts, stop the repetitive mind chatter and go within. Replace even one moment of your time with the fact that you are doing the best you can moment to moment—as long as you challenge yourself to move beyond your “static quo.”

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