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"My work with Penny has shifted my core energy and beliefs in ways I could not have predicted or imagined. I am able to honor myself in love, empowering myself to speak my needs when necessary in an honest, direct and loving manner. I fully own myself. Through Penny's intuitive ability to see the story behind the story, I was able to unearth the roots of many issues which has led to a sustained change that continues to develop as life moves forward.

- Mitzi, Natick

"The work with Penny was a continuous process of self-understanding. I am now far less judgmental of myself and less affected by the opinions of others. I feel as if I have freed a part of myself that was bound by fear, insecurity and self doubt. Our work together has been a way to grow and become a happier, healthier more productive individual. The changes in my life are deep, powerful, and permanent."

- Danielle, Framingham

Transformational Coaching, Spiritual Counseling & Energy Medicine

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"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nim

It is time to step into what is possible for us as a World-but first, we must open our hearts to what is possible for us as individuals. What is possible is to stop settling for a life that is dictated by "what has happened to us". To go beyond a life of "coping" and "getting by" and toward a life that is truly peaceful, vibrant and purposeful-from the inside out. I have come to understand that our ability to easily make the daily choices that support our well being in this way, is directly related to how we feed ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are all such powerful creators! It is essential to bring conscious awareness and intention to what we are creating in our lives-to the quality of our thoughts and beliefs, our relationships with ourselves and others and our connection to a sense of passion, joy and higher purpose in our lives. Unconsciousness and imbalance in any one of these areas creates imbalance in all. When we do the inner work and learn the practices to nurture ourselves on all these levels, then inner peace and vibrancy become a natural way of life.

Discover What Might Be Possible for You:

Personal Sessions To:

• Step onto the path of true healing by addressing and pulling out the roots of your suffering to allow for authentic and sustainable inner peace, freedom, and joy
• Live deliberately and joyfully
• Evolve spiritually and creatively
• Manifest your purpose and intention in the world

These are just some of the issues people have achieved tremendous success with through this work:

~ Life Purpose ~ Relationship Issues ~ Spiritual Awakening and Evolution ~ Life Transitions ~ Inner struggle with food and weight ~ Fear ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Overwhelm ~ Lethargy ~ Feeling "Stuck," ~ Years of Therapy but Still not "There" ~ High Stress Levels ~ Lack of Focus or Passion -- and a host of other emotional, physical and spiritual concerns.

In these sessions we identify your life priorities and passions, as well as your issues to heal. We uncover what is sabotaging your ability to create what you want, transmute the energy blocks at their source, and release the energetic templates that hold persistent patterns in place. We reconnect you to your Infinite Creative Power, and activate the skills, talents and qualities of your core being and true self.

Together we will address every area of your life that is less than you want it to be: your history, relationships, work, physical health, life purpose, finances, friendships, creativity and spiritual practice.

Sessions are a combination of counseling, teaching, learning tools to assist you, and energy work to bring you into a state of balance, connection and well-being.

If appropriate, I will help to customize a Daily Spiritual Practice for you to complement the work we do together in session. Specific energetic practices, guided meditation, CDs, books, and lifestyle changes will be addressed and recommended as needed.

Blending the best energetic disciplines and healing modalities, this approach can cut through personal history and "the way it is" quickly and effectively, getting you back on track, in your power and feeling good.

Sessions are 90 minutes. An introductory package of 3 sessions is offered to new clients who wish to learn about the work and experience my approach to healing.

Most clients start with bi-monthly sessions for the first month or two to establish a strong foundation. After you experience significant progress, sessions are spaced out.

About Penny:

Penny is a transformational coach, spiritual counselor and practitioner of Energy Medicine. Her work expresses itself through a unique combination of intuitive listening and dialogue, loving presence, guided meditation and energy healing. Penny helps her clients to identify and free themselves from self-sabotaging patterns, beliefs and behaviors from their personal, ancestral and karmic history that keep them stuck. Her clients cultivate practices of deep self-care, grow to feel more self-acceptance and love and learn how to align with their soul. From this place they are freed to re-create more fulfilling lives and relationships.

Penny is a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and has been mentored in Spiritual Psychology counseling for the past 3 years. Additionally, she is trained as a Practitioner of Energy Medicine in the Healing the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society (Shamanic energy healing) and in the Transformational Healer's Program of H.H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. She brings the authentic experience of her own personal and spiritual growth to her work.

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