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Intro to Vocal EnergeticsTM: Sounding the Body Resonant

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Intro to Vocal EnergeticsTM: Sounding the Body Resonant, roots and wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, natick, ma

"After many years on the search for a true teacher and sound healer I am blessed to have found Kahealani. I also feel blessed of being invited by her to dive into the vastness of the world of sound with her as my guide and teacher on my side. The depths of Kahealani's knowledge of the workings of harmonies, sound and energy has helped to propel me far ahead on my path as a healer. In love and deep gratitude."
- Gudrun Oaktree, Vancouver Island, BC

"Judith Lynne's gatherings have had a powerful, layering impact on my life. Her voice and sound work transports me to calm, peaceful states where my symptoms abate. In her sessions I've experienced synergy of mind, body and soul, where currents run through areas of my body that were formerly dormant and in need of healing. Judith's work has stimulated a true spiritual awakening in me, lifting me many times over into a blissful state. Like a magnet, her gifts and offerings draw me back for more."
- Cheryl, diagnosed with Parkinson's in Feb 2009

with Judith K.

1:00-4:00 pm
Oct. 7, 2012

Learn to use your original instrument, your voice, in a r/evolutionary way to help heal yourself, others and the planet. Combining a lifetime of professional singing, decades of spiritual practice, and mentorship by native spiritual leaders in reclaiming indigenous mind, Judith Kahealani Lynne has developed a program she describes as trusting in the sacred laws of harmonics that goes far beyond vocalizing for self-expression. While extremely important, Judith feels vocalizing for self-expression is only a part of the greater cycle of sound in our manifest existence.

Each of us is a unique symphony of frequencies rooted in the initial energetic pulse of creation that set forth a frequency wave we perceive as sound. This expression of harmonics gives rise to sacred geometry and all-that-is. Once we realize our own song, we can begin to trace back within ourselves to the echo of that primeval state. Establishing a powerful somatic resonance and learning to work from that level of awareness exponentially opens possibilities for rebalancing as we begin to align more closely with our personal soul path and with Greater Will. We can return to our purest and most natural form: an ecstatic state of divine joy.

We will play with finding and stimulating the natural resident harmonics in our own beings and through voice will begin to open our signature resonances, both internally and externally. This conscious practice of toning will help us reach back into Original Source and to understand the perfection in all manifestation. Become and instrument for manifestation of evolved being!

Contact re: workshop: Linda Davis,, 857-928-0513