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Transformation with Rob Wergin, roots and wings, events, workshops, yoga studio, natick, ma

"Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob's hands were placed on my shoulders. It was a without-doubt experience of subtle purifying and harmonious energies doing their remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results. Such a real healing is a rare gift. Yet the better part of the evening was the close relationship with Consciousness itself that was engendered from the more physical layers of the healing. Yes, the mind was fully relaxed and, with the body also at ease, relationship with Reality was effortlessly present." - WM

Boy am I light. . . I feel like I must hold myself down. All the negativity is gone. Feel peaceful. Feel emptied. Feel like I am part of everything around me, like I am at a different vibratory rate than I have ever been. I am so grateful. The years of pain in my shoulder are gone." -Leu, PA

"Rob Wergin is a gifted and skilled healer. His power, humanity and wisdom, invites us to really sink into possibility, and we then realize our own greatness." - Micki, CO

with Rob

7:00—9:00 pm
(meets: 10/9, 1-time rare event)


Being present and in the moment with joy, love and compassion while creating health and harmony in your life are the goals of transformation.

This ancient transformational work releases and clears blockages, unhealthy beliefs, old emotions and negative imprints from your body. All these things create dis-ease, dis-comfort, and/or dis-pair. Once they are released, your body is enabled to receive and be filled with your Divine Light and Love... thereby creating physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Join Rob as he talks about his Transformation work. If you are interested in group sessions, pre-register in advance for Saturday and Sunday group sessions too. All days will fill up, so register soon. Further information is available at

Space is limited. Please contact Peter Howe, coordinator of this event, for more information: