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Your Healing Light is proud to offer Marconic Energy healing services via a network of highly certified Teacher Practitioners. The Marconics protocols we perform are the evolution of energy healing that can trigger profound spontaneous healing, alleviating physical and emotional ailments with extraordinary results. This 5th dimensional and higher energy works in conjunction with your own higher self to help address and release karma and prepare your body to assimilate higher ascension energies.

Josh is the owner of Your Healing Light and a Marconic Energy Teacher Practitioner. Josh has received certified training for Levels 1,2,& 3 with the originator of Marconics, Alison David Bird C.Ht. and co-founder Lisa Wilson and is also a certified to teach the Level 1 'No-Touch' Protocol for Marconics International. An engineer by profession with the heart and soul of a healer, Josh has stepped fully onto the Lightworker's path. He uses the Marconic Energy Protocols as a conduit to help people connect to their higher selves in order to facilitate a mind, body and energy healing experience. As an empath and intuitive, Josh provides a safe and sacred environment for fellow seekers to reclaim their ascension path.

Olivia is a professional, licensed massage therapist for over 20 years. She has spent many years prior to Marconics as a Reiki Master and spiritual mentor to help awaken others. Once experiencing the Marconics energy during a sample at an expo, she quickly knew it was what she was looking for as the evolution of her healing practices. Being a gifted empath clairvoyant,and healer, Olivia has embraced her abilities and is passionately following this new life path to teach and guide others in their own awakenings and spiritual development.

Jean has worked in the hospital patient care (both human and animal) for over 35 years. Prior to Marconics, Jean was a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Jean's first exposure to Marconics was during an expo event and she was so awestruck by the power and intensity of her sample session that she enrolled into the next available class and is now a certified Level 3 Teacher Practitioner.Jean stands ready and willing to help all newly awakened souls on their journey of self-discovery, spiritual evolution and their reconnection to Source and Ascension energies through Marconics.

Nadine, as a busy, homeschooling, stay at home mom of 4 teenagers and wife had little time to explore her life's purpose outside of her home and a small business owner as a baker. She had always been searching for spiritual advancement in various forms until she found Marconics and then she realized her life purpose as a gifted healer and lightworker.