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Sandy Corcoran, Integrative Counselor, Shamanic Facilitator, Dream Analysis, Thoth Tarot Reader and Author, natick, ma, instructor

"Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs." - Marianne Williamson

Integrative Counselor, Shamanic Facilitator, Dream Analysis, Thoth Tarot Reader and Author

(508) 435-2681

I am an integrative counselor, shamanic facilitator and indigenously trained dream decoder who has trained in both modern and ancient healing paradigms. The potency of these techniques is being proven today by studies in new biology, epi-genetics, and quantum physics. I am the author of Shamanic Awakening published through Inner Traditions/Bear & Co, and the meditative CD, Souled Out.

I have been blessed to have been mentored and instructed by a wide variety of indigenous wisdom-keepers and scientific or culturally diverse teachers, for the past 35 years. These teachings have taken me throughout North, South and Central America, England, Ireland, France, Italy and Egypt where I now teach these modern and ancient modalities for those looking to enhance their own life story.

I offer select workshops, Thoth tarot readings and private healing sessions, nationally and internationally. Yearly I bring small groups on pilgrimages to sacred sites to experience cultural teachings, as well as sponsoring classes with esoteric or shamanic teachers in the Metrowest area.

I would be honored to work with you, in whatever capacity you feel will best align you to experience a happier, more fulfilling life. Please visit my website:, to see a full list of my offerings, journeys and my monthly dream blog:

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