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Sandra Rose Galiwango (she/her/hers), Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® (the AH Practice) Certified Practitioner & JourneyDance™ Guide, natick, ma, instructor

"Sandra has such a kind loving heart and softness about her that erases fear of the unknown and suggests the highest level of trust throughout the experience. She was good at explaining the sequence of events, stating that every experience is completely unique to the recipient. Her overall tender approach made the experience highly impactful for me. Very skilled practitioner." Marylu, Stockbridge, MA

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® (the AH Practice) Certified Practitioner & JourneyDance™ Guide

The Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing (AH) Practice® gave me access to my voice, and ultimately my inner strength. I learned to identify and claim my noes and my yesses. Through receiving multiple sessions I liberated my personal power from the inside out. I learned my capacity to define and hold boundaries.

I understand on a visceral level my worthiness to receive presence. I learned of the abundance and connection always at my fingertips.

It now brings me great joy to offer such an empowering tool to others, and enable them to let go of the body's stored emotional traumas that have been holding them back from living their fullest lives. It is sacred work and a great responsibility.

I continue loosening the grips of shame, guilt & fear passed down through the generations around sexuality, worthiness, taking up space, having a feminine body, and being seen and heard. My experience in this lifetime matters. And so does yours.

I studied with Amrita at the Sacred Feminine Mystery School® from July 2019 through the present and have met the rigorous requirements for certification in working one-on-one with people in the fully-clothed AH practice®.

In 2017 I trained at Kripalu with Toni Bergins Mod 1 & Mod 2 to become JourneyDance™ Guide. I plan to take Mod 3 in Oct 2021 and soon train with Journey of a Young Woman to be able to offer mentorship to young girls aged 8-14.

Prior to aligning my soul with my work, I used to work in a Big 4 Accounting Firm and had obtained an MBA/MSA from Northeastern University as well as a liberal arts degree in International Comparative Politics and Spanish minor.

I currently specialize in working with women to navigate the emotional and energetic imprints of the prenatal, child-birth, and perinatal period, as well as other womb, vaginal, and pelvic related experiences. Any experience of violation (misaligned with our higher knowing) that hasn't yet been fully processed emotionally & energetically can benefit from a session. I bring gentleness, openness, and radical acceptance.

I'm a mother of 3, diagnosed with vulvodynia (chronic nerve pain) in my late teens, and am no stranger to pain. Yet, thanks to the path of inner work and a radical commitment to my own growth (via therapy, my Buddhist practice, Parenting for Wholeness, JourneyDance™, the AH Practice®, and ecstatic dance, and growing in relationship with my partner of 15 years) I declare that I am also no stranger to pleasure & bliss!

I'm excited to share the possibility of greater aliveness, freedom, and abundance with all who feel called to work with me.