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Penny Rosenzweig (she/her/hers), Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring for an Authentic Life, natick, ma, instructor

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nim.

Transformational Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring for an Authentic Life

(508) 667-8800

"What if the world is holding its breath-waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?" -David Whyte

Personal Sessions that honor, call forth and integrate the fullness of who you are -MIND, BODY, HEART & SOUL
(in-person and remote sessions available)

• Explore challenge and energetically shift personal, familial and collective stories, beliefs and patterns that are holding you back

• Develop and deepen self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-forgiveness for even the most inconvenient and seemingly "unlovable" parts of who you are

• Deepen your capacity for self-honesty and sacred truth-telling

• Grow your capacity for stillness and whole-hearted presence

• Deepen your sense of meaning and purpose by exploring, tending and expressing more of your authentic self

• Learn to see your life circumstances, relationships, choices and challenges through the wide-angel lens of your Soul's Journey -the opportunities for evolution, growth, and learning that is yours to claim and honor

• Learn wisdom practices of manifestation to live as a conscious creator of your life

When we receive true support for meeting ourselves as we are, profound self-embrace and freedom can be realized.

My approach begins with deep inquiry- into what's present and current for you, the powerful gifts you carry, the tender challenges you work with, your clearest yearning and vision for your life.

Together we will open to how this connection between us might best serve your evolving path of healing, awakening, and thriving in greater service to the world.

What in this moment of our lives remains unlived? What are we here to give? What have we been postponing? What thanks remain unspoken? What remains in the shadow of shame and unworthiness? What will it take to come all the way home to loving ourselves?
When we are willing to tell the truth about what it is we most desire, and whatever it is we perceive to be in the way of that, this is the opening.
Whatever apparent obstacle, when brought to the light of awareness, holds the key to our freedom.

Begin Your Journey with an Introductory Package of 3 X 90 minute Sessions:
Sessions are an intuitive blend of deep listening, coaching, teaching, guided meditation and, shamanic and energetic practices to heal wounded places, shift unconscious patterns and beliefs and to create and manifest a life of higher potentials.
I am an "alchemist" at heart, meaning I guide and mentor others to turn the proverbial "lead" of their life into gold (wisdom, empowerment, self-compassion and new possibility).
I have a passion for transformational healing, consciousness, spiritual awakening and human potential. Since 2011, I have been in private practice where I work with both individuals and groups through a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practices, energy work and spiritual mentoring. I bring deep presence and compassion to my work along with intuitive guidance that allows me see quickly to the source of where my clients are hurt, stuck and needing support.
For more information please visit my website: