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Nicolette Blanco, Functional Nutrition Specialist, natick, ma, instructor

"Nicolette Blanco's program is a practical, educational, and overall life changing experience. In an age of diet fads, Nicolette's program takes an honest, big picture approach to mind, body, and spiritual health and well-being." - AA, Wellesley

Functional Nutrition Specialist


Nicolette Blanco is a Certified Health Coach specializing in Functional Nutrition. She partners with clients to create happy and healthy lives in a way that is sustainable, fun, and rewarding; helping them make gradual, lifelong changes in order to reach their current and future health goals. She also leads group workshops on a wide variety of health topics, inspiring participants to make lasting positive changes in their lives. She is a contributing author to and the author of "By a Thread: 21 Tips on Resilience for the Partially Unraveled". To learn more visit her website, listed below: