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Lisa MacDonald, PT, RYT, RPII


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Lisa MacDonald, , natick, ma, instructor

Supporting the healing process and nurturing the self.

"Deepen your roots and spread your wings."

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Lisa MacDonald has over 25 years of experience as a women's health physical therapist focusing on pelvic floor wellness, is a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist. Through her personal experience and the evolution of her PT practice, she has gained a profound appreciation for the body-heart-mind connections and the chakras. She implements elements of yoga in her care of physical therapy clients to tap into the energetic system, which has enabled her clients to achieve not just physical healing, but mental and emotional healing as well. In 2022, Lisa earned her Biomagnetic Pair Therapy certification to broaden her energetic healing modalities and is accepting new clients. Lisa is passionate about sharing her knowledge to educate and empower women to live their best lives.