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Kathleen Nagy , Sound Energy Healing, natick, ma, instructor

"I would like to thank Kathleen Nagy for the wonderful support to my Kidney and her use of sound therapy to aid in my Healing. I came to Santa Fe in 2015, after I suffered a Stroke in 2014. The stroke caused my kidneys to be compromised and I have been on Dialysis since 2014. I started using the kidney support audio file created by Kathleen in the summer of 2015. I'm proud to say; as of February 15,2017 my nephrologist has removed me from Dialysis. I stand as a powerful testimony for the Sound Healing support of Kathleen Nagy." -Christopher J. Williams, N.M.

I have suffered the pain and disfigurement of advancing osteoarthritis of my hands and feet for nearly 20 years. Having lived with NSAIDs, cortisone injections and pain while continuing to care for patients and enjoy the activities that bring joy to my life, one can only imagine my hopeful excitement when Kathleen introduced me to Sound Therapy. Within 2 days of listening to the tones she gave me, the pain in my hands and feet simply stopped. I was able to walk 18 holes of golf, and have the energy for more. My fingers stopped aching and I was able to work in my glass studio, type on the computer and work in the garden without paying the pain price I was so accustomed to. -Kathy P., C.O.

"My body is overloaded with heavy metals, especially lead. I'm amazed at the results I have with Kathleen's Lymph Support audio file. I'm so grateful and happy to have an alternative to all the other treatments that I've tried in the past. For me, this is by far the most effective and noninvasive detoxing method." -Marion, N.M.

Sound Energy Healing

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Kathleen Nagy has several decades of professional experience as a classically trained musician. She majored in music education and applied music on French Horn at Ithaca College and did her graduate work at Yale University. She has taught music in both public and private schools from elementary school through adult education. She has recorded a french horn solo CD called Prayer Songs which can be purchased on her website

After 18 years of performing in symphony orchestras playing the french horn, teaching music education and directing musical theater productions, Kathleen forged through the ingredients of crafted "classical" melody, harmony and structure, and found the power, beauty and healing properties of tone and harmonics.

For the past 20+ years Kathleen has been a BioAcoustic Research Associate. Ms. Nagy specializes in Voice Energy Analysis and Acoustic Biofeedback for sports or muscle injuries. She was a member of the Board of Directors for Sound Health International of Ohio for 4 years (2005-2009) and has worked closely with Sharry Edwards, founder of Human BioAcoustics.

After a lifetime of being surrounded by beautiful music and healing sounds, Ms. Nagy has created The Chakra Sound Spa Experience (Guided Meditation mp3's). This product teaches the listener to find the notes that vibrates their chakras. Vibrating the chakras with the voice or with the chimes meditation mp3's, you can experience the unique sensation of tingling energy in your chakra energy centers, while all your emotions are calmed and balanced. Listening to the beautiful chimes on the mp3's that are in the key of your body's emotions, relieves anxiety, insomnia and depression.