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Debra Griffin, Organizer, Potter, natick, ma, instructor

"Deb is that enzyme that helps you to facilitate your transformation. Like you know you are on a journey to your higher self and you can't see where you are going. And sometimes you just wanna give up. That is where I was when Deb offered to help me spark joy. At first I was like, sure - I am organizationally challenged, I could use help with cleaning my room, I mean whatever I was doing certainly wasn't working. So Deb walked me through her process. The thing that was most unique about Deb is that she saw my soul or she's empathetic. So she really tries to channel your journey and helps you clear your path (pun intended). Now we are at the tail end of my spark joy journey and I am sad. I am also excited to see what my higher self looks like!" -M. Lupercia, Somerville

"I needed to get rid of a bunch of things, but could never find the time and motivation. Deb offered to help me using her "spark joy" approach. It took a while for it to work for me, because I didn't think in terms of "joy" from my possessions. She has patiently worked with me and helped me figure out what to do when I feel stuck. I appreciate how she suggests where she could help while waiting for me to say when I'm ready to deal with a particular area." -Nancy, Brighton

"Deb helped me focus on the possessions I truly care about, instead of just the one's I thought I was saving for posterity. Turns out if you don't get joy from it, there isn't a whole lot of reason to save it. Deb has an uncanny ability by just listening to me and discussing how I feel about things when I pick them up, to help me realize their true value in my life. She seems to do this almost instinctively, clearly empathetically, and essentially instantly. Despite previously storing things "wherever", and thinking I knew where everything was kept, the new approach looks a whole lot better, and I can still find something when I need it. Mostly, my previous messy arrangement just wore on me in various subtle nagging ways at a somewhat subconscious level. Turns out a clean environment encourages better thinking and problem solving, and those are important parts of my life. Thank you, Deb!" -Phil, Ashland

Organizer, Potter

(508) 686-6046

Debra's life changed as promised when she read the book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" by Marie Kondo. In the process of sorting in her home for what sparks joy for her, she realized the power in the process.

Debra now helps others to simplify and organize to find more joy in their homes and possessions too. In addition to sorting, she suggests ways to maintain organization and simplicity; to feel the joy that comes with having less but being able to find more. While finding joy in our homes, we make more conscious decisions so joy fills other parts of our lives too, in our jobs, actions, and relationships. Debra changed jobs, remade her garden, and published a long unfinished book...all because of doing spark joy organizing in her home!

Debra feels joy when helping others find joy (and learn about themselves). Besides home organizing, Debra teaches pottery classes (, gardens personal and public sites, and organizes racial justice discussion groups (

Debra was Roots and Wings' website developer for many years so she feels a part of the community. She lives in Ashland.