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Dawn Sully Pile (she/her/hers), MA, CPCC


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Dawn Sully Pile (she/her/hers), Leadership and Life Coach, Creator, Catalyst, natick, ma, instructor

"Dawn brings a delightful touch into her coaching. She is ever watchful of the larger picture of where I'm ultimately going, and what is likely to be fulfilling for me, rather than letting me pursue the inauthentic agenda of my inner critic. Dawn is persistent-without being insistent-in bringing my focus back to what are the urgings of my soul, and to hearing the soul's song a bit more clearly and dancing its tune.

Being a coach myself, I know what to look for when I take on a new partner in my life's journey. Dawn has been reliably gentle, deeply listening, and truly a worthy ally for me in every session we've had. When my topic for growth went consistently in a direction that Dawn felt she was not completely attuned to coaching, she had my best interests at heart to suggest we complete our coaching partnership. This demonstrated to me Dawn's awareness of her own as well as my interests, and her deep integrity to have a crucial conversation with me without delay.

I heartily commend Dawn as a gifted coach for anyone wanting to explore their possibilities for living a fuller, more nuanced, and deeper life with a trusted and compassionate coach partner. I have taken a number of significant steps in my life's journey during our time in coaching. Dawn has been a catalyst in helping me get where I'm going. Thank you, Dawn!" -John O., MN

Leadership and Life Coach, Creator, Catalyst

(404) 683-1820

A graduate of the Coactive Training Institute, Dawn is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach. Following her certification, she completed CTI's Leadership program. She holds a Master of Arts in Ministry.

After 35 years as a teacher and administrator in independent schools, as well as working as an independent school consultant and speaker, Dawn created her own business, Dawn Sully Pile, MA, CPCC.

At last, having created the logo and circling around it for ten years, Dip Into the Well has come into full being. It gives witness to the fact that we are never too old to step fully into a creation of our own that has been visualized for quite some time.

While available as an individual coach, Dawn's highest joy is to write about, speak and bring people together to gather at imaginary and metaphorical wells that refresh, restore, center and inspire.

Gathering at the well is a catalyst for imagining new perspectives and possibilities as well as honoring memories that bubble up.

The well is a place that complements and even becomes an antidote to personal challenges in our lives as well as to current challenges in our world.

Dip Into the Well gatherings bring balance, calm, presence to oneself and others, joy and laughter, open dialogue and listening. There is no template. How each person is nourished is deeply individual.

A well calls us into Kairos time, time of presence rather than time by the clock. It is serious and it is playful and joyful.

In my own experience, I am now seeing wells pop up all around me. You might find me dipping into a well of curiosity, observation, light, or myriad others. They take on a life of their own, at times bringing comfort, at times making me laugh and at others, being my grounding guidance, reminding me how much I love the adventures of life.