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Carolyn Waters, Performing Singing/Songwriter, Healing Voice Coach, natick, ma, instructor

"Carolyn is an amazing voice mentor and coach who helped me tremendously with being comfortable being heard and loud when needed from a place of power which was very important to me as a dance teacher. Just after couple of session with her, I developed so much confidence and noticed the effects of our voice work beyond just facilitating dance classes but also the way I speak and carry my voice daily."

"Through voice work, Carolyn goes beyond her professional skills as a singer and musician. She draws on her wisdom and understanding of psychology and the human condition. She creates a safe space for the exploration of what many of us feel really uncomfortable to explore...full expression through voice. She knows well the way history, insults and even traumas can silence, and she is not afraid to dive into the healing. Whether you want to speak up at work, speak in front of a crowd, find your voice in relationship, sing, or just feel more comfortable in your expression, this voice work targets your goals and ultimately changes you from the inside out." -M.S., Natick

As the producer and actor/singer in the popular musical, We Did It For You! A Women's Journey Through History, we enjoy Carolyn's expertise as our Music Director. Carolyn has an enormous heart and an abundance in musical skill to work with all the women in our play. She has a wonderful demeanor about her using her gentle patience as she guides our actors into a place where they feel comfortable to express themselves through song. Carolyn holds a deep compassion for those who yearn to sing but are reluctant to express themselves freely. I highly recommend Carolyn as a voice teacher for anyone looking to express themselves through their love of singing." -Shirley Riga, Needham, ZMA, Author, Spiritual Director, Caregiver Advocate, and Licensed Trainer - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

"As a professional singer and musician, I needed help. Carolyn helped me explore and connect my body and spirit. And made me a more confident performer." -Con D, Singer/Songwriter, Worcester, MA

Performing Singing/Songwriter, Healing Voice Coach

(781) 883-5691

My approach to singing, writing and coaching is described as "socially conscious soul" and reflects my deep connection and love for all things music as well as my commitment to use music and the arts as a tool to promote healing and positive social change. As a songwriter my original music not only looks to support and encourage, but also challenges people to actively examine and change the world in which they live.

As a healing voice coach, I specialize in guiding people towards finding their true voice and inner power through vocal and creative expression.

Healing. Strength. Connection.
To me this is what music is about, where one's unique voice was meant to shine in this world. I learned this through my own experience. Music and voice expression should have been my life's journey. As a child, I was knocked off this path by the teasing and cruelty of others, even my own family. I felt silenced. The natural joy I found in music as a young child was stripped away and it wasn't until decades later that I found that one person who turned it around for me, who told me I could and should use my voice. Who returned me to the path on which I was always meant to be.

Over the years I found that mine was not a unique story. That there were others who were and are being pushed off their natural paths, who have had their voices quashed, quieted and diminished. I understand being in this place. These people are my tribe and my voice work has been about reaching out and promoting the healing necessary for my tribe to find their true voices.

When I am not writing songs, performing, recording or coaching, I am active in my position as the Musical Director of Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick Center! I hope you will join me and learn how to find your voice and land in your power. Find the strength in your own voice and the healing of that which took it away in the first place.